Bartrand's Estate is a Hightown estate owned by Bartrand Tethras.

Quests Edit

Quest icon DA2 Family Matter Act 2
Quest icon DA2 Haunted Act 3


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for Dragon Age II.

Act 2


Act 2

  • Crazed Guards
  • Bartrand Tethras

Act 3

Notable itemsEdit

Act 2Edit

Heavy armor green DA2 Silverite-Reinforced BucklesSilverite-Reinforced Buckles
Companion armor upgrade

Rune slot
Extra rune slot
, source: a chest adjacent to the final room
Medium boots gold DA2 Boots of EnasalinBoots of Enasalin
Medium boots
Requires: 25 dexterity
15 cunning

Armor: 71
+2% critical chance
+5% critical damage
Bonus to disarm traps
if rogue, source: chest in the last room
Light boots gold DA2 Boots of the OverseerBoots of the Overseer
Light boots
Silver Threaded
Requires: 23 magic
15 willpower

Armor: 65
+14 mana/stamina
+37 attack
+2 mana/stamina regeneration rate
if mage, source: chest in the last room
Heavy boots gold DA2 Stonehammer BootsStonehammer Boots
Heavy boots
Red Steel
Requires: 25 strength
15 constitution

Armor: 77
Rune slot
+14 health
+37 attack
if warrior, source: chest in the last room

Act 3Edit

Belt gold DA2 Rock BandRock Band

+1 armor
+8 fortitude
, source: looted from Ethereal Golem