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For the spell in Dragon Age II, see Barrier (Dragon Age II).

Barrier is a mage spell from the Spirit tree in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Information Edit

  • Barrier: 2,004
  • Area of Effect: 4 meters
  • Cooldown Time: 24 seconds
  • Cost: 50 mana

Upgrade Edit

Barrier (Inquisition) Elegant Defense
Upgrade You have learned to cast Barrier with a more stable magical pattern. Each time a barrier you have cast expires, the ability's cooldown time is reduced.

Cooldown Reduction: 4 seconds
Barrier (Inquisition) Energetic Defense
Requires: Trespasser
Your barrier holds its full strength for longer before it begins to decay.

Duration: 5 seconds

Notes Edit

  • Does not prevent status effects
  • The spell's Area of Effect (AoE) marker serves as a decent flashlight in low-light areas, due to its luminance

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