For the crafted standard version, see Balanced One-Handed Haft Schematic.
For the crafted upgraded version, see Masterwork Balanced One-Handed Haft Schematic.

Balanced One-Handed Haft is a common haft weapon upgrade in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

  • Random loot.

Available at the following merchants:

Can be found in the following weapons:

  • Hand Hammer icon Hand HammerHand Hammer
    Common Mace
    Requires: Level 4

    Damage: 48–50
    +7% Guard Damage Bonus
  • DAI-Unique-Axe-icon1 Misfortune's BiteMisfortune's Bite
    Unique Axe
    Ancient, yet still so sharp it could slice through a silk handkerchief tossed lightly upon its blade. Crafted by an Alamarri smith whose name is lost to time, the axe was wielded by dozens of men and women, all who met their downfall while in possession of it. Ulstor "Wolfhand" tripped on an exposed tree root and sliced his own throat. Lady Megana of Amaranthine slept with it under her blankets and rolled upon it in the night, gutting herself. Ser Phillipe d'Andelle nicked a thumb while testing its sharpness; thinking the injury inconsequential, he put it out of his mind, at least until the wound festered into a fatal poisoning of the blood. Bann Gilroy of West Hill raised it above his head at the climax of a speech to rally his men and was struck by a bolt of lightning out of a clear sky. Comtesse Simone of Savrenne believed she could circumvent ill luck by displaying the axe. It fell off its honored place above her mantel one night, cleaving her skull in two. Most now believe the weapon cursed; only the foolhardy dare dismiss the countless deaths and maimings as "mere accidents."
    Requires: Level 18

    Damage: 195-202
    +16 Electricity Damage
    +12% Armor Penetration
    +3 Constitution
    +21% Critical Chance
  • DAI Common Axe Icon2 Raider HatchetRaider Hatchet
    Common Axe
    Requires: Level 2

    Damage: 55–58
    +3% Sunder on Hit