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Avvar dagger set is an item set in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

Notes Edit

  • These weapons bear the symbols of the Avvars deities Korth and the Lady of the Skies. When together they provide a sizeable bonus to stamina regeneration.
Name Enhancements Acquisition
Avvar dagger set
Requires: 40 dexterity
+1 damage
+2.5 armor penetration
+2 fire damage
+10% melee critical chance
+4 attack
+2 fire damage
Set: +5 stamina regeneration in combat
One dagger is acquired at Forlorn Cove and the other from Glassric the Weaponsmith.

Details Edit

Name Damage
Critical chance Armor penetration Strength modifier Runes Enhancements Notes
Tooth of the Mountain-Father
Volcanic Aurum
Requires: 40 dexterity
7.20 5.40% 10.00 0.85 3 +1 damage
+2.5 armor penetration
+2 fire damage
Looted from Mosley the Snake at Forlorn Cove during A Daughter Ransomed
Talon of the Skies
Requires: 30 dexterity
6.40 4.80% 8.00 0.85 3 +10% melee critical chance
+4 attack
+2 fire damage
Sold by Glassric the Weaponsmith in the City of Amaranthine.
Set bonus 0.00 0.00% 0.00 0 +5 stamina regeneration in combat

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