Avernus's Experimental Draught is a usable item in Dragon Age II. It gives two points to distribute in attributes to the user.

Acquisition Edit

Notes Edit

  • The draught is only available when using an imported save wherein Avernus was spared and allowed to continue his research in the Warden's Keep DLC. It is not available in any of the pre-built histories.
  • The effects of the potion will be the same regardless of Avernus's research being ethical or not.

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Quest icon DA2 Dark Epiphany, a side quest triggered by looting the messenger
Elixir Greater Elixir of the Mortal VesselGreater Elixir of the Mortal Vessel
Whoever consumes this elixir gains greater mastery over the body's potential.

Cooldown: 1s

Attribute points: +2
Tome Greater Tome of the Mortal VesselGreater Tome of the Mortal Vessel
This tome gives the reader one or more points to spend on attributes, but is rendered useless afterwards.

+2 attribute points