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Asturian's Might is a longsword in Dragon Age: Origins. It requires the Warden's Keep DLC.

Background Edit

When Commander Asturian went to his Calling in the Deep Roads, he did not have in his hand his sword, Asturian's Might, forged for him by dwarven smiths and presented to him upon the completion of Soldier's Peak. Nor did he pass the sword on to his successor, or to any other Grey Warden.
—From Codex entry: The History of Soldier's Peak: Chapter 4

Acquisition Edit

Can be obtained by completing the Ancient History side-quest.

Notes Edit

  • IMPORTANT: Be aware that it is possible to miss out on getting this sword, along with a modest amount of gold and a belt, if all four codex entries and, subsequently, the hidden cache are not located when the Warden is inside the Soldier's Peak, as the Keep is permanently locked once the main quest is completed and the area is left.
  • This longsword can be upgraded up to Silverite.
  • This sword will not import into Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

Gallery Edit