Astrariums in Crestwood is a collection in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

Interact with any of the astrariums in Crestwood.

Walkthrough Edit

Reach and solve the 3 Astrariums in Crestwood:

  • Kios in Glenmorgan Mine
  • Silentir in Forester Homestead
  • Tenebrium in East Side Hills/The Flats

When all 3 Astrariums in Crestwood are completed, the location of a cave will be revealed. Its entrance is in Dead Man's Pass, west of Three Trout Farm Camp.

Rewards Edit

Solving each astrarium puzzle yields:

  • 150 Influence

Notes Edit

  • The chest in the astrarium cave always contains Unique belt icon Superb Belt of Fire ResistanceSuperb Belt of Fire Resistance
    Unique Belt

    +30% Fire Resistance
    . If the Trespasser DLC is installed, it will also contain Trespasser blade of tidarion icon Blade of TidarionBlade of Tidarion
    Unique Staff
    Archon Tidarion was of indisputably low birth. He learned swordplay and tactics at his Legate father's knee before his magical talent drew attention and Archon Almadrius took him as an apprentice. When Tidarion inherited the throne, the Magisters declared him unfit to rule: a soldier's son, with no Dreamer blood to speak of. In the civil war that followed, Tidarion took to the field with a blade like a commoner and casting spells as only an Archon could. He carved and burned a brutal path across Tevinter before he died on the battlefield, sword in hand.
    Requires: Level 10

    Damage: 43-44 AoE Electricity Damage
    21% attack
    +10% Melee Defense
  • The region for the Tenebrium astrarium is called East Side Hills before the lake is drained and The Flats afterwards.

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