Assigning Michel de Chevin is a war table operation in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

This operation will become available at the war table once the quest Call Me Imshael has been completed and Michel de Chevin has been recruited as an agent for Cullen (Forces).

Operation text Edit

Michel de Chevin, Celene's disgraced champion, has joined the Inquisition. He is an honorable man, but a casualty of Orlais' brutal politics and prejudices. Find him a place in the organization where he will feel at home.

Advisor suggestions Edit

Note: The time listed is the time it takes with no agents.

Josephine - 0:48:00 Edit

Michel has been exiled from the Imperial Court, which means he's well aware of the pitfalls of the Game. We have noble allies who could benefit from an advisor with such expertise. And I could always use more liaisons to southern Orlais.

Leliana - 1:00:00 Edit

Michel can do little for me in Val Royeaux's halls of power, but he knows about the eluvians controlled by the elves of Orlais. I'll have him working with Solas and our scholars, to discover all we can of those mirrors.

Cullen - 1:00:00 Edit

Michel was once a renowned chevalier. He even bested Grand Duke Gaspard in single combat. I could use an officer with that kind of experience.

Results Edit

Josephine Edit

Wonderful. Michel will be placed in Lydes, where my dear friend Baron Edouard believes he will be of great use to us. He's taken up a position as a counselor to Lady Adele Lescot.

Leliana Edit

I am impressed by Michel's memory. He's walked the paths between the eluvians and seems to remember much of it. This will give us some insight into Briala's schemes.

Cullen Edit

Very good. I'll speak to Michel immediately. From what I hear, he's already struck up a friendship with some of our young soldiers after one night at the tavern. I can already see him moving into a mentoring position.

Rewards Edit

All advisors Edit

  • Inquisition-Staff-Schematic-icon1 Enchanter Staff SchematicEnchanter Staff Schematic
    Staff Schematic

    Damage: 34–38–44–45

    Damage: 14 Metal
    Utility: 6 Cloth
    Offense: 6 Cloth
    Masterwork: 1 Masterwork