Assault on the Palaces is the fourth main quest in The Darkspawn Chronicles DLC for Dragon Age: Origins.

Walkthrough Edit

The Hurlock Vanguard and its thralls must make their way through the Palace District in order to get to Fort Drakon and assist the injured Archdemon.

Free the Ogre Edit

Enter the palace district and turn right, where you can see the imprisoned Ogre. Make your way through the area, killing dwarven soldiers and avoiding the ballista along the way, and head left and up the stairs. Kill Kardol on your way up. At the top of the stairs you will battle several dwarven soldiers and Steel Golems.

Once the area has been cleared, pull the two levers (one on each side) to raise the portcullis and release the Blight Wolf and the Ogre. Enthrall both of them.

Note: A second Ogre will appear at the top of the stairs once the portcullis is released. Enthrall the Ogre that was trapped behind the portcullis if you want to earn the Ogre's Keeper achievement.
Note: Enthralling the blight wolf isn't necessary but for the Enthralling achievement.

Smash the Gates Edit

Before smashing the nearby gate at the bottom of the stairs, use the Ogre to smash the barricade to the left of the stairs (this area will be marked as Side Alley on your map). Inside you will find Sergeant Kylon, a Knight, and some innocents. Loot the chest for Ring of the Warrior, and Kylon's corpse for Deadhead Charge. Then use the ogre to smash the gate at the bottom of the stairs to open the way to Fort Drakon.

Free the Shriek Edit

In the corner you will find a new barricade (marked as Sewer Entrance on your map). Use the Ogre to destroy the barricade and free the shriek.

Kill the Qunari Edit

At the top of the stairs you will find Sten, a couple of Steel Golems, and several dwarven foes. Kill them all.

Rampage to Fort Drakon Edit

Click on the gate to leave the area and head to Fort Drakon to begin the final quest The Battle at Fort Drakon.

Rewards Edit

Ico amulet Deadhead ChargeDeadhead Charge
A north-made brute force channel to the Fade granting the physical resolve that only a lack of sense can bring.

+20 physical resistance
-1 willpower
- Found on Sergeant Kylon.
Ico armor massive Juggernaut Plate ArmorJuggernaut Plate Armor
Massive chestpiece
Silverite (Tier 6)
Requires: 38 strength

Armor: 18.38
Fatigue: 26.25%
Rune slot Rune slot
+10% fire resistance
+10% cold resistance
+10% electricity resistance
+10% nature resistance
+10% spirit resistance
- Found on Sten.
Ico staff Malign StaffMalign Staff
Ironbark (Tier 5)

Damage: 5.60 (Physical)
Armor penetration: 36.00
+8 magic
+2.5 mana regeneration in combat
+20% fire damage
+10% spirit damage
- Found in a chest north of the staircase leading to where the Ogre is being held.
Ico helm cloth Reinforced Magus CowlReinforced Magus Cowl
Cloth helmet
More like a helm than most, this restrictive cowl was likely with a very specific need in mind. There are no visible runes, but the unknown monogram "L.X." glows slightly when viewed peripherally.

+2 willpower
+3 defense
+2 armor
+20 mental resistance

-1 dexterity
- Found in a chest at the back of where the Ogre is being held.
Ico ring Ring of the WarriorRing of the Warrior
This is gold, covered in elven script. Whatever the writing says, it's awfully wordy.

+2 strength
+2 dexterity
- Found in a chest in the area marked as Side Alley on your map.
Ico dragonbone shield Shield of the LegionShield of the Legion
Red Steel (Tier 5)
Requires: 28 strength

Fatigue: 3.00%
Strength modifier: 1.00
+15% spirit resistance
+2 armor penetration
+4 attack
Chance to avoid missile atacks
- Found on Kardol.
Ico greatsword Sten's SwordSten's Sword
A Qunari greatsword. Though its blade shows nicks from numerous battles, it has obviously been well looked after.
- Gift found on Sten.
Ico belt Swordsman's GirdleSwordsman's Girdle
This ingenious Fereldan item is designed to do the difficult work of holding up a warrior's pants, so he can concentrate on sword-swinging.

+2 melee critical chance
- Found on Sten.
Tre ico totem TotemTotem
A small wooden totem with figures of demons and other strange beasts carved into it.
- Gift found on Kardol.

Notes Edit

The area has several places in which enemies will infinitely re-spawn. This means you can easily get the Enthralling achievement, but note that the re-spawns can sometimes "dry up", such as the spawn point in the palace. It can be reactivated by commanding all characters to hold position at the palace's front gates and walking down the stairs that lead to it and then back up.