This wyvern was mine to kill! Mine! Mine! Mine!

Arlange is an Orlesian baron. Like Hawke, he was invited to hunt a wyvern in the Hunting Grounds surrounding Chateau Haine by Duke Prosper.

Involvement Edit

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for Dragon Age II.

After Hawke and their companions kill the wyvern, Baron Arlange arrives and informs Hawke that he was the one supposed to win the hunt. He then assaults Hawke with his Chevaliers in a bid to kill the Champion of Kirkwall. Afterwards, Duke Prosper & Cahir will arrive. After failing to convince Prosper that Hawke struck first, Prosper offers Hawke the opportunity to decide Arlange's fate. Hawke can decide whether to kill him, let him live or to let the Duke decide.


If Hawke chose to spare Baron Arlange, he will return after Hawke agrees to rejoin Tallis. Pretending he always knew Hawke was a traitor, Arlange will attempt to kill them a second time but is slain by Hawke instead.


Longsword green DA2 Baron Arlange's SwordBaron Arlange's Sword
Requires: Weapon and Shield
45 strength

Damage: 37 electricity damage
(70 per second)
+9% attack speed
+17% threat generation
Enemies cannot dodge attacks
Shield green DA2 Baron Arlange's ShieldBaron Arlange's Shield
Requires: 33 strength
18 Constitution
Weapon and Shield

Armor: 323
+1913 electricity resistance
immunity to stun
immunity to knockback