For Apostate's Robes (available in Act 1), see Apostate's Robes.

Apostate's Robe is a unique light chestpiece in Dragon Age II.

Acquisition Edit

A mage Hawke is equipped with this chestpiece at the beginning of the game.

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Staff red DA2 Apostate StaffApostate Staff

Damage: 5 fire damage
(7 per second)
Light boots red DA2 Apostate's BootsApostate's Boots
Light boots
Scarlet Dyed

Armor: 16
Light gloves red DA2 Apostate's CuffsApostate's Cuffs
Light gloves
Scarlet Dyed

Armor: 11
Light armor red DA2 Apostate's RobeApostate's Robe
Light chestpiece
Scarlet Dyed

Armor: 45