The Ancient darkspawn is a very old hurlock alpha which appears during An Admirable Topsider quest. It has donned incredibly durable armor and has hit points rivalling the equivalent level of a drake. It can be located within the Dead Trenches.

Involvement Edit

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for Dragon Age: Origins.
While exploring the Dead Trenches, the Warden and their companions encounter the mighty darkspawn alone, near the lair of the genlock forge master. After a long and grueling fight, the Warden's party is able to kill the ancient darkspawn.

Skills Edit

Talent 2h 2hsweep Two-Handed Sweep

Notes Edit

  • You can find the hilt and pommel before the quest is fully active. However, the Ancient darkspawn will not appear until you have both other pieces and visited the Warrior's Grave in the Ortan Thaig.
  • The spell combination Storm of the Century is very effective at reducing the health of the Ancient darkspawn, especially if another spell can ensure it remains within the area of effect (e.g. earthquake).
  • The player can lead this darkspawn to the Legion of the Dead company and they will aid in killing the creature.

Loot Edit

Ico helm heavy Grey Warden HelmetGrey Warden Helmet
Heavy helmet
Varies (Tier 1-7)
Requires: 18 strength

Armor: 1.25
Fatigue: 2.25%

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