An Assault on your Person is an event in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It is continued from the card The Bard wants a Quiet Word.

Description Edit

Your bard took the blade in his shoulder. He leans on you heavily. "I'll live. It's not deep." His face is grey. Your physician hurries forward, but the Bard flaps him away. "Back, I say. Back! I look rakish with scars." Your would-be killer struggles, but your guards have him fast.

In the Great Game assassination attempts are a mark of prestige. You feel invigorated. Nothing gets the blood pumping - one way or the other - like a good attempted murder.

Your assailant struggles in your guards' iron grip. A rival's catspaw? A rabid revolutionary? A stray lunatic? He hasn't said.

Available actions Edit


Administer swift justice
There should be a trial, really, but better safe than sorry. Better you're safe, anyway. Not your would-be assassin. They get to be sorry. Very briefly.
-10 Peril, -5 Dignity, -5 Freedom


Interrogate the failed assassin
(Requires Dignity > Rumors of Revolution)
Who does he work for?
Difficulty: Cunning*2
Success: +5 Clues
Failure: +5 Clues, +10 Rumors of Revolution