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This page contains a list of situational dialogue and conversations Amund has with other characters in Dragon Age: Inquisition and Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer.

Amund's remarks Edit

  • (Upon killing an enemy) For the greater good!
  • (Entering a new zone) I say we charge in and spill their innards for the birds!
  • (Revived) Hah! I live to fight once more!
  • (Revived) Friend, you and I shall live to destroy many foes this day!
  • (Revived) My thanks, friend.
  • (Fallen) That didn't go well.
  • (Fallen) Why is everything all wiggly and grey?
  • (Fallen) Don't do that! Strike the other one! The other one!
  • (In between zones) Why do we wait? Let us strike down our enemies for the glory of the gods!
  • (During battle) They fall before us!
  • (During battle) The gods favor us!
  • (Seeing something) Look there!
  • (Seeing something) By Korth's stony arse, would you look at this?
  • (Opening chest) By all the gods...

Amund and Vivienne Edit

  • Amund: "I'm talking about the Lady of the Skies. Do you not know her? Can't you see the warnings she writes through the bird flocks in the air?"
  • Vivienne: "Preposterous superstition."
  • Amund: "Preposterous is what you wore to a bog, Orlesian."

Amund and Isabela Edit

  • Isabela: Looking good, sweet thing.
  • Amund: To you as well, my hearty, stabby friend!

Amund and Cillian Edit

  • Cillian: I once dreamed of seeing places like this.
  • Amund: You have strange dreams, shiny elf.

Amund and Belinda Darrow Edit

  • Belinda: I hope to stay and serve the Inquisition, once this war is over.
  • Amund: If your god calls you, let no mortal stand in your way. Fight any fool who would deny your holy calling!

Amund and Korbin Edit

  • Amund: The Lady of the Skies led me to your Herald. What is Andraste the goddess of, anyway?
  • Korbin: I can't say that's ever happened to me.

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