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The Amell Estate Cellar is the basement of the Amell Family Estate. It can only be accessed during the relevant companion quest in Act 1.


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for Dragon Age II.
Hawke and their sibling (Bethany for a non-mage or Carver for a mage) must find Leandra's father's will, which reveals that Gamlen was not the Amell heir, but rather Leandra was. After recovering the will, a dialogue with your sibling can return you to Gamlen's House.


Quest icon DA2 Birthright
Quest icon DA2 Family History (with Carver)
Quest icon DA2 Portrait of the Past (with Bethany)

Codex entryEdit

Codex icon DA2 Codex entry: History of Kirkwall: Chapter 2, source: book in the room with sacks

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