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Alte is a mage from the White Spire Circle of Magi.

Involvement Edit

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for Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker.

At the White Spire in Val Royeaux, Alte and First Enchanter Edmonde discuss the whereabouts of Galyan, a circle mage who went missing while trying to secure a safe location for Avexis. Edmonde is adamant that the Circle find Galyan before the Seekers or templars do. Alte offers to take charge of the search effort; Edmonde gives Alte his blessing to proceed.

Alte and a group of circle mages trail Knight-Commander Martel and learn that Martel and Grand Cleric Callista are conspiring with the blood mage Frenic to overthrow Divine Beatrix III. Alte's group catches up with Cassandra and Galyan just before Cassandra's execution at the hands of Martel and his templars. Alte's group help break up the execution and hold back the templars, so that Cassandra and Galyan can stop Frenic from massacring the Ten Year Gathering and killing the Divine.

Gallery Edit

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