The Allied Supply Crates, located in the Party Camp, allow the Warden to invest resources in the equipment of the allied army that will eventually battle the Blight.

Interaction Edit

If the Warden has the appropriate items in their inventory, interacting with the crates allows those items to be deposited via a dialogue-like menu. Each faction that is won over to aid the Grey Wardens against the Blight will send an emissary to stand near the supply crates; The Warden may speak with them briefly and gain hints about the type of material each requires.

Effects Edit

Investing resources into the various factions (where applicable) should apparently result in improved equipment and abilities for allied troops, but the mechanics and actual effects of this system are unclear. Even though numbers and upgrades from donations are unclear, with enough donations emissaries will say different lines depending on how much you donate. For example, the mage emissary will say something like "Such power has not been seen since..." and after more donations of runes he will say "Even the templars will be amazed...". Whether or not this is just a morale booster for the player to donate more or actually indication of more power is unknown.

The experience reward for the Warden is noted below. The companions do not directly gain experience from this, though they may still benefit indirectly as the Warden gains levels.

Allies Edit

Name Representative Desired Items Max Troops Max Level Experience Gained


None None 4 15 None


Emissary Bulfa None (see Notes) 16 12 None

Dalish Elves

Emissary Caron Elfroots, deep mushrooms, metal shards or deathroots 50 9 10 XP per item

Redcliffe Soldiers

Lieutenant Cadrim Money 50 7 10 XP (50 DAO silverpiece trans)
42 XP (2 DAO goldpiece trans)
225 XP (10 DAO goldpiece trans)
750 XP (30 DAO goldpiece trans)


Emissary Fellhammer Sapphires, amethysts, malachites or topazes 50 9 10 XP per gem

Circle Mages

Emissary Pether runes (any non-grandmaster rune) 12 10 10 XP per rune


Emissary Pether runes (any non-grandmaster rune) 16 12 10 XP per rune

Notes Edit

  • Even after maxing out troop levels, materials can be deposited for the XP reward.
  • pcIcon pcWhen turning in any number of Elfroots greater than 88, only 88 are actually taken by the supply crate.
  • pcIcon pcDepositing Elfroot is the simplest way to reach the level cap, because Varathorn has an endless supply at a low price. This won't be an option if Werewolves are part of the army, however.
  • Emissary Bulfa may be offered a nug as a snack if the Warden has at least one nug in the box for A Lost Nug. This does not seem to have any game effect.

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