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Alliances: Reaching Ever Upward is a war table operation in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

Available after completing Alliances: Forging a Way Forward.

Operation text Edit

There is a contender to rival the alliance with the Thibaults. Lady Richelieu sent the following letter:

The desRosiers are a stubborn threat. The most efficient way to deal with them is to nullify with social alliance, but the only pairing of import is unavailable because the Thibault daughter has betrothed herself elsewhere. She has the luxury of such a wasteful pairing because of the Inquisition bearing the weight in this partnership.

Our hands are tied. You face the difficult task of attacking the status of Lord desRosier ... unless you were to demand that task of the Thibaults. If their investment were more taxing, they would be more inclined to an arranged match for the daughter. And that is well-respected currency in Orlais.

In your service,
Lady Eustace Richelieu

Advisor suggestions Edit

Josephine - 3:00:00 Edit

I cannot claim it will be popular, but it would hardly be unusual for an allied partner to ask for such a concession. Such is the way of the nobility.

Leliana - 2:24:00 Edit

End Lord desRosier's good name. His way is honorable conflict. With careful words, he will be powerless before he steps in court.

Cullen - N/A Edit

Not participating in this mission.

Results Edit

Josephine Edit

We received word from Lady Eustace Richelieu, who presumes more and more to speak as an authority in these affairs. She is also quick to use "us" and "we."


Lady Richelieu's letter follows:

A strategic demand, Inquisitor. The Thibaults concede that you are within your rights to ask that they bear the weight of bargaining with Lord desRosier. The frivolous marriage between Celeste Thibault and a son of the Leandre family (a name of little bearing) has been wisely called off in favor of a proper matchmaking, one that will profit players and arbiters both.

In your gracious service,
Lady Eustace Richelieu

Leliana Edit

We received word from Lady Eustace Richelieu, who presumes more and more to speak as an authority in these affairs. She is also quick to use "us" and "we."


Lady Richelieu's letter follows:

A bold move, Inquisitor. Lord desRosier was mortified, if not mortally so. It is said he cannot bear to show his face, and "face" is all many of his generation value. I do hope he will do nothing drastic. I also hope that the names behind us remain willing to commit what is necessary to solidify the lines that have been established. We shall see.

In your gracious service,
Lady Eustace Richelieu


Josephine Edit

Leliana Edit

Both unlocked quests have the same reward:

DAI statue2 Ornamented BroochOrnamented Brooch

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