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All is Ready is a Divine's Feast card in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It is unlocked after all 7 Market Day cards have been used.

Description Edit

Fires blaze in the great hall. The tables heave with guests. Every soul with a drop of noble blood in the whole of the Marquisate is here, as well as those commoners who are acknowledged to be indispensable, every lord and priest whose lands lie within riding distance of your borders, and the Divine's vast, gossiping, ravenous entourage. The servants can barely squeeze between them to fill goblets.

The final guests arrive. The doors close. The noise sinks from a roar to a clamor.

Note: The goal of the feast is to gain as much Divine's Favor as possible in order to re-establish Serault's dignity.

Available actions Edit


Clap your hands
Greet your guests and signal for the feast to begin.
→ Divine's Feast Deck replaces Happenstance deck.

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