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Alimar's Emporium is a small illegal shop located in Dust Town in the city of Orzammar selling several bits and pieces. It is operated by Alimar.

Involvement Edit

During the quest Entering Jarvia's Hideout, the Warden can enter this shop to obtain information from Alimar about the location of the Carta Hideout.

Characters Edit

Notable items Edit

Ico boots massive Effort's BootsEffort's Boots
Massive boots
Silverite (Tier 6)
Requires: 38 strength

Armor: 3.15
Fatigue: 3.75%
+1 armor
Rgt ico traptrig Trap TriggerTrap Trigger
Even the most powerful trap requires a trigger. This bit of metal and wire could easily be turned into one by someone of sufficient skill.
, unlimited

Notable gifts for companions:

Tre ico amethyst Remarkable AmethystRemarkable Amethyst
A deep, clear purple stone.
, source: Alimar's store

Map Edit

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