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Ailis is a mother and scholar of the Chantry.

Involvement Edit

Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne

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for Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne.
Along with Gareth of Oswin she helped a band of outlaws in the Southron Hills during the Orlesian Occupation of Fereldan. She first met King Maric Theirin there and helped him tend his wounds not knowing who he really is. After the attack of the usurper's army to the outlaws' camp, she manages to escape. Later, Maric finds her whereabouts and brings her to the Royal Palace in order to raise and educate the young King Cailan Theirin. She is still alive as of 9:18 Dragon.

Mother Ailis is the author of two texts, Land of the Wilders and Legends of Ferelden.

See also Edit

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