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Ahren is a surface dwarf merchant located outside the gates of Orzammar, in the Frostback Mountain Pass.

Background Edit

He cannot enter Orzammar because the city is on a deadlock after King Endrin Aeducan passed away and the throne remains empty.

Involvement Edit

Ahren will reveal that he was born on the surface and that he makes trips back to Orzammar two times a year in order to restock. He also finds his job important, as he views the trade that the surface dwarves do as Orzammar's lifeline. For that reason, he also feels bitter about the fact that the Assembly is denying a caste to the surface dwarves; however, he is optimistic that this could change by the time his children grow up. Ahren also mentions that he never had Stone sense, in contrast to his father.

Even though he says he is a merchant, he does not sell the Warden any goods.

Trivia Edit

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