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After the Joining is a main quest in Dragon Age: Origins. Now that you are a Grey Warden, Duncan asks you to attend a strategy meeting with King Cailan to find out what your role will be in the upcoming battle.

Walkthrough Edit

  • After the Joining cutscene is over, you will receive the Warden's Oath as well as all of Daveth's and Ser Jory's's equipment (their armor may be a decent upgrade if you're a warrior or rogue). You also receive +1 talent/spell. Alistair leaves the party and waits by Duncan's tent.
Note: This will be your last chance to deal with Ostagar personnel, particularly the Quartermaster and Kennel Master
  • If you used stealing on the characters in camp during daytime, you can now use it again and obtain another item from some people.
  • If you cross the bridge before going to the War Council the game still auto-saves and the fight-music starts, even though the battle has not started yet.
  • When you are ready, meet Duncan at the War Council, watch the cutscene, and accept (perhaps grudgingly) the task King Cailan assigns to you and Alistair.
  • Back at Duncan's tent, the Wardens will be briefed on their mission:
    • Alistair will complain about how unimportant this mission seems to be. Responding with "Stop your whining. We have an important job." will result in Disapproves (-5) . Choosing this or agreeing with his complaints (which does not affect Approval) leads to a wisecrack about 'dancing the Remigold' (at which point a female Warden saying "I think I'd like to see that" earns Approves (+1) ).
    • After the dialogue, Alistair rejoins the party.
  • Head for the bridge to trigger the first Battle of Ostagar cutscene.

Result Edit

  • King Cailan has asked you to light the beacon atop the Tower of Ishal, to signal Teyrn Loghain's men to flank the darkspawn.
  • Alistair rejoins your party.
  • You can now start Tower of Ishal (quest).

Trivia Edit

  • Look out for Uldred, who will play a significant role later, at the strategy meeting.

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