For the crafted version, see Acolyte Staff Blade Schematic.

Acolyte Staff Blade is a common staff blade weapon upgrade in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

Can be found in the following weapons:

  • KeeperIceStaffIcon Autumn's TouchAutumn's Touch
    Rare Staff
    Requires: Level 14

    Damage: 50 Cold
    +17% Attack
    On kill: +20 to Magic for 10 seconds
  • DAI-stafficon4-common Brilliant StaffBrilliant Staff
    Common Staff
    Requires: Level 1

    Damage: 20 Fire
    +3 Magic
  • DAI-stafficon3-common Disciple Fire StaffDisciple Fire Staff
    Common Staff
    Requires: Level 2

    Damage: 22 Fire
    +3% Critical Chance
  • DAI-stafficon2-rare Dreamweaver StaffDreamweaver Staff
    Rare Staff
    Requires: Level 4

    Damage: 28 Fire
    +3 Constitution
    +8% Critical Damage Bonus
  • Rare Staff Icon 1 Glacial StaffGlacial Staff
    Rare Staff
    Requires: Level 1

    Damage: 23 Cold
    +5% Attack
  • DAI-stafficon3-common Shocking StaffShocking Staff
    Common Staff
    Requires: Level 3

    Damage: 23 Electricity
    +3 Willpower
  • Wrath of Lovias icon Wrath of LoviasWrath of Lovias
    Unique Staff
    Patterned after the Staff of Archon Lovias. Ever-watchful for rivals, the canny Lovias crafted a weapon that also shielded him with energy that absorbed hostile spellpower. His death at age 89, from choking on a fishbone, is the subject of a few notable Tevinter comedies.
    Requires: Level 2

    Damage: 27 Cold
    +3 Magic
    +4% Magic Defense