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Accuracy is a rogue and warrior talent from the Accuracy tree in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

Information Edit

  • Accuracy grants the following bonuses:
    • +(Dexterity - 10) to attack,
    • +(Dexterity - 10) to damage,
    • +(Dexterity - 10) * 0.5% to ranged critical chance,
    • +(Dexterity - 10) * 0.5% to ranged critical damage.
  • Conjuration time: instant.

Notes Edit

  • Upkeep is in Stamina.
  • Ranged critical chance bonus provided by Accuracy is normally doubled by Aim. Unofficial tweak for PC available here.
  • Bonuses do not change even if the equipment providing dex bonuses is removed so it's best to stack as much +dex equipment before using this sustainable then switch to the equipment of your choice afterwards.
  • Note that this only works with a bow equipped, so you can't use it to boost melee attack and damage.

See also Edit

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