The Abandoned Warehouse is a warehouse in Amaranthine where some phylacteries are believed to have been stored during the Fifth Blight. This area becomes available during Anders' personal quest, Freedom for Anders.

Note: This area can only be accessed if Anders is in your party, even if his personal quest is completed.

Quests Edit

Ico Quest Freedom for Anders

Enemies Edit

Abandoned Warehouse location

Abandoned Warehouse location

Depending on your choice in Freedom for Anders, the following become hostile:

Notable items Edit

Found in various containers:

Tre ico fancy bottle 1 Aqua MagusAqua Magus
Fine spirits infused with a bit of refined lyrium. Potentially fatal if ingested in quantity.
Ico armor robe Blood PromiseBlood Promise
This robe was worn by a blood mage that was never caught. When he died of old age he left the robe to his daughter. She shoved it in the attic.

+3 willpower
+3 magic
+0.25/+0.5 mana regeneration in combat
Improves Blood Magic
+6 armor
Ico staff Lightning RodLightning Rod
Grey Iron (Tier 2)
Requires: 18 magic

Damage: 4.40 (Electricity)
Armor penetration: 23.00
+10% Electricity Resistance
+10% electricity damage
Ico helm cloth Lorekeeper's CowlLorekeeper's Cowl
Cloth helmet
A cowl decorated with silver and gold thread.

+2 willpower
+15% spirit resistance
Ico boots light Lorekeeper's BootsLorekeeper's Boots
Light boots
Dragonwing (Tier 8)

Armor: 2.50
Fatigue: 0.63%
+2 dexterity
+6 defense
+15% electricity resistance
Ico gloves light Lorekeeper's MittensLorekeeper's Mittens
Light gloves
Dragonwing (Tier 8)

Armor: 1.66
Fatigue: 1.25%
+3 constitution
+15% cold resistance

Depending on your choice in Freedom for Anders, the following can be obtained from a bookshelf:

Tre ico book 4 Lyrium: The Voice of the MakerLyrium: The Voice of the Maker
A book about lyrium, necessarily heavy on conjecture.
Rcp ico herbalism 4 Potent Health Poultice Recipe
Abandoned Warehouse area

Map of the area

Containers Edit

Depending on your choice in Freedom for Anders, the following can be opened:

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