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The Abandoned Orphanage was the site of a massacre during an elven riot in the Denerim Alienage. All of its previous occupants have perished in the massacre save a deranged female beggar. It now sits empty in the Denerim Alienage, though a dark presence seems to linger.

Quests Edit

Ico Quest Something Wicked
Ico Quest Hearing Voices

Characters Edit

Enemies Edit

Map-Abandoned Orphanage

Map of the Area

Notable items Edit

  • Plt ico wornamulet Worn AmuletWorn Amulet
    Plot item
    A worn and tarnished silver amulet, caked in dirt.
    (found in a locked chest after the final boss fight)

Notes Edit

Creature-Demon Appears

Demon Appears

  • Fire trap in the boss room will keep going off when you walk over it.
  • You can hear child's voice cite a few lines.
    • Do you hear me Ser Wilhem, Ser Wilhem?
    • I am falling Ser Wilhem, Ser Wilhem, today.
    • I'm a maiden Ser Wilhem. Ser Wilhem?
    • But I'm dying Ser Wilhem, Ser Wilhem. In pain.
  • And a second verse:
    • One, two, Maric's run through
    • Three four, the kingdom's at war
    • Eight nine and now you die
    • Ended by laughter
  • The sounds of screaming women and children will be present for as long as you are in the orphanage.

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