The Abandoned Chateau is an elaborate Orlesian estate which was abandoned at the height of the War of the Lions.

Involvement Edit

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for Trespasser.
The sealed up Chateau is visited by the Inquisitor via an Eluvian during the Exalted Council.
Abandoned Chateau Map

Abandoned Chateau Map

Quests Edit

Quest icon DAI Trespasser

Notable items Edit

The following can be obtained within a sealed chest guarded by two corpse archers and two Arcane horrors.

  • Unique ring icon The Hand That CutsThe Hand That Cuts
    Unique Ring
    This ring grows unusually warm when slipped onto a finger. it pulses slightly and steadily, as if in time with the wearer's heartbeat.

    +20% Critical Damage Bonus
    The following stacking bonus is granted on ability usage:
    *2 Pieces: +10% Attack Speed
    *3 Pieces: +10% Movement Speed
    *4 Pieces: 1% Heal on hit
    Set: The Taken Shape

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