A Voice in the Plaza is an event in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It is continued from the card Enlightenment.

Description Edit

A crowd is gathering to listen to a man preach revolution in the plaza. He laments the lot of the peasantry, whose toil puts fine clothes on noble backs. He mocks the idea that some are born to rule. "Is a king born more wise than a pig-farmer? Does a lone baron make better judgments than a council of commoners in open debate?"

In support of his case he recounts scurrilous tales concerning the follies of Serault's high families. Some of them are true, but that doesn't make them less dangerous.

Available actions Edit

Templatetools This section is incomplete and requires expansion.

Let him talk
He has a right to speak.
+10 Freedom, +10 Rumors of Revolution


Silence him
Sedition catches like fire. Douse it quickly. Make an example of him.
Difficulty: Rulership*2
Success: -10 Rumors of Revolution
Failure: +10 Rumors of Revolution


Argue against him
Yes, nobles are better-suited to rule. They are raised from birth to do so. Could a priestess repair a mill? Could a miller lead an army? What would happen if we each forsook our place?
Difficulty: Rulership*6/7
Success: -10 Rumors of Revolution, +10 Dignity
Failure: +10 Rumors of Revolution