A Symbolon is a quest in the DLC Mark of the Assassin for Dragon Age II. It is available if you bring Bethany Hawke as one of your companions.

Acquisition Edit

This quest appears in Chateau Haine. There is a door on the opposite side of the alcove where the cook leading to the Hard to Stomach quest is. The door opens to a small room containing a lootable chest and a painting. Taking the painting will start the quest.

Walkthrough Edit

There are a total of three paintings you need to find.

Once the third painting has been found, a treasure cache will be marked on the map. Its location is found in The Retreat, on the left arm of the crossroads after you first see a pair of fleeing Ghasts.

Rewards Edit

Amulet green DA2 Miniature Family PortraitMiniature Family Portrait

+2 mana/stamina regeneration rate
+(8 + 0.2 * LVL)% fire damage
+(8 + 0.2 * LVL)% cold damage