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A Spirit in the Lake is a side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

A storyteller mentioned a spirit in a nearby lake. If offered a blood lotus, the spirit apparently gives a favor in return.

Acquisition Edit

Speak to the storyteller near the fast travel marker in Redcliffe Village, and ask about its history. She will tell the story of a spirit of valor in a nearby lake.

Note: Redcliffe Village cannot be entered until The Threat Remains is completed.

Walkthrough Edit

Head to Lake Luthias, which is southwest of the Crossroads. The lake itself is south of the Upper Lake Camp.

Interact with a bowl, which is located on a small pier off the northeast corner of the small island, to complete the quest. 1 Blood Lotus will be removed from your inventory and Warlord Greatsword Icon Warlord GreatswordWarlord Greatsword
Rare Greatsword
Requires: Level 3

Damage: 93-94 AoE
+2% Attack
+3 Strength
Increase maximum stamina by 10
and Rare Belt Icon Belt of UrgencyBelt of Urgency
Rare Belt
The wearer of this belt gains a small boost to attack speed when below 50% health.

Boost to attack speed when below 50% health
will appear.
Note: Belt of Urgency requires having the Trespasser DLC.

Notes Edit

  • There are multiple Blood Lotus plants located around the lake, making this quest easy to complete.


  • 44 XP
  • 40 Influence

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