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A Plea for Sanctuary is a Market Day action card in Dragon Age: The Last Court.

Description Edit

A woman kneels before your court. She has short, sandy hair, catlike eyes and a jaunty, impertinent air. "I find myself on the unfortunate end of lord Ezoire's displeasure." Ezoire: lord of a lofty mountain domain. Long on pride, short on patience. You ask the woman what she did.

"I made a joke, Marquis. It involved a goat, two buckets of goose-fat, his Lordship's noble father, and a trebuchet." You've heard that joke. You think you've told that joke. "I beg sanctuary, your Grace, in a place where laughter is no crime."

Available actions Edit


Turn Her Away
This is none of Serault's business.

  • Risk nothing, gain nothing

Grant Her Sanctuary
Times are dark enough without banning merriment.

  • +20 Clues, +30+ Freedom

Have Her Escorted back to Ezoire
Its lord may be pompous, but he would bleed dry in Ezoire's defence.

  • + ??? Authority, + ??? Dignity

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