A Petition from a Village Headsman is a Market Day action card in Dragon Age: The Last Court.

Description Edit

The Despairing Headman turns his frayed, floppy hat over and over in his hands. "Alabair and Elose, my Lord. Brother and sister. Both twenty. Theirs is a troubled family. We did what we could for them, but that bad seed was planted deep and long ago. With our duties and tithes there was only so much we could do..."

Available actions Edit


Tell him to get on with it
Or you'll be here all day.
+5 Dignity, unlocks Case: The Errant Siblings


Hear him out, however long it takes
He may not be noble, but he deserves respect. And details can be important.
(Uses 2 actions)
+10 Clues, +5 Freedom, unlocks Case: The Errant Siblings