A Miraculous Opportunity is a case in Dragon Age: The Last Court, and marks the start of the main game. It is completed when the player earns three of the rarer resources.

Description Edit

The message is from the Divine Justinia herself: fifth of her name, exalted servant of the Maker, supreme ruler of the Chantry. She is travelling to a peace summit, and her great Progress will bring her to Serault. 'We are eager to see,' the letter reads, 'whether Serault has redeemed her ancient Shame.'

This is your chance to restore your realm's fortunes. You will hold the greatest feast in a hundred years: you must win the Divine's favor. Serault won't have a chance like this again.

Available actions Edit


The way of the hand
You will impress the Divine with Serault's lavish hospitality.
To begin with, you must gather 3 Viands.
+2 Authority, +7 Bags of Royals


The way of the whisper
You will learn the Divine's secrets. She will favor Serault whether she wants to or not.
To begin with, you must gather 3 Secrets.
+2 Authority, +7 Bags of Royals


The way of the heart
Serault's pride and her glory will win the Divine's favor.
To begin with, you must gather 3 Trophies.
+2 Authority, +7 Bags of Royals

Note Edit

Whichever path is chosen has little bearing on the rest of the game. Though if The Missing Merchant was completed, it awards +1 Trophy, and it is possible to gain 3 Secrets at once during the first Market day card Blown in on the Wind.

Completing this case awards +3 Rulership.