A Life of Toil is an event in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It is continued from the card The Fields or The Baron Waits Impatiently.

Description Edit

The Baron huffs. "Of course the peasants are complaining! It's the privilege of those who serve to whine about those who rule. If they were able to grasp the decisions we need to make, they'd have been born in a castle, not in a pig-pen! Come. I'll take you there and you can see for yourself."

It's a day's ride to the domain of his vassal-knight. The Baron grumbles the whole way. As the western sky begins to turn the colour of roses, you enter a tiny, pocket fief of overgrown hedgerows and fields as thin as the peasants who work them.

The manor has fallen on hard times. The folk working its fields are gaunt, ill, and without hope. Their lord is not wealthy - his keep is drafty, his meat lean. But he and his family have food on their tables and warm clothes on their backs. Unlike his serfs. Ragged wool hangs from them. Some bear the livid red welts of barrow-sickness. Yet still they labour under the hard sun, to fulfill their obligations come harvest-time.

Available actions Edit


Demand better treatment for the peasants
A lord must care for those in his charge, even if it means tightening his belt.
-10 Dignity, +10 Freedom


They must accept their lot
Their lord needs to be hale and provisioned, in case his people are threatened
-10 Freedom, +10 Dignity


Give them your meal
You can't help with tomorrow, but at least they'll have full bellies today. And perhaps they have information they will share.
+5 Clues, -10 Health