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A Hunter's Trail is an action card in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It is part of The Applewoods deck.

Description Edit

It's little more than a line of worn grass, snaking through the trees. You're not the first one to track a quarry through this part of the wood.

Available actions Edit


Follow the trail
You'll cover better ground.
Difficulty: Derring-Do*6/5
Success: -1 Hour Remaining, +2 Closing In
Failure: -2 Hours Remaining


Leave the trail. Cut through the trees
Wise beasts learn to avoid the trails. You'd do better taking the route less-travelled.
Difficulty: Woods-wise*2
Success: -1 Hour Remaining, +3 Closing In
Failure: -1 Hour Remaining, -10 Health or -2 Hours Remaining


Follow the trail from the Deepwoods
(Requires Region: Deepwoods)
Return to gentler surroundings.
Difficulty: Woods-wise*2
Success: enter the Greenwood

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