A Debt in the Family is an Act 2 side quest in Dragon Age II. The quest is only available if Hawke told Knight-Captain Cullen that Keran should be expelled from the Templars at the end of the quest, Enemies Among Us.

Acquisition Edit

At the beginning of Act 2, the templar recruit Margitte in the Gallows Courtyard will mention Keran's family has fallen into debt if Hawke speaks to her.

Walkthrough Edit

To complete the quest, simply go to the docks at night and talk to Senestra the Snake. Senestra decides that Hawke's head would be worth more than his/her help. No dialogue options are available, and defeating the ensuing ambush completes the quest.

Rewards Edit

Even though Margitte promises a reward, Hawke never receives anything from her.

  • 350 XP for the fight and 750 XP for the quest completion
Dagger silver DA2 Chum-CutterChum-Cutter
Requires: Dual Weapon
28 dexterity

Damage: 25 physical damage
(46 per second)
+43 attack
+6% physical damage
– looted from Senestra's corpse

Bugs Edit

If the quest is completed before talking to templar recruit Margitte, she will remain in the Gallows. Her dialog will also remain the same, as if Hawke had not yet completed the quest.