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A Company of Heroes is a war table operation in Dragon Age: Inquisition.


This operation becomes available following the Sutherland and Company Missing quest.

Operation text Edit

A report in Josephine's hand:

Three requests in as many weeks for inclusion in our cause. If Sutherland imagines a debt, he is well on his way to paying it. These few youths have brought in allies by the score, and from surprising places. We need only extend our influence in their wake. I expect our diplomats to jog, to at least make it seem like work.

Advisor suggestions Edit

Josephine - 2:24:00 Edit

I will extend trade immediately. Could this be simpler?

Leliana - 3:00:00 Edit

The primary work is done. I shall begin with the neighbors.

Cullen - 3:00:00 Edit

I suggest a retinue to welcome new territories. A simple matter, thanks to the work already done.

Results Edit

All advisors Edit

Sutherland's company delivered some very useful contacts. Their contribution has been immeasurable, and I hope they know it.

Rewards Edit

All advisors Edit

Inquisition-Shield-Schematic-icon1 Heavy Shield SchematicHeavy Shield Schematic
Shield Schematic

Armor: 19–24–29–32
Armor: 4 Metal
Utility: 6 Metal
Defense: 3 Metal
Masterwork: 1 Masterwork

Notes Edit

  • Talk with Sutherland in the Herald's Rest tavern for a follow up conversation once the operation is complete.

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