'...' is what appears to be a strange chanter who can be randomly encountered in the Hissing Wastes.

Involvement Edit

This NPC can be found wandering alone in the vast sands of the Hissing Wastes. She speaks only in the Chant of Light and appears in areas that, according to companion dialogue, it should be impossible for her to have reached so quickly from her previous location.

Each time that she is located, she will speak a few lines of the chant and then stop talking to the Inquisitor all together. If she is found four times, she will say, "You have found we. Take this gift. Do not falter. In the absence of light, shadows thrive." At this point she will disappear, abandoning her form and revealing herself to have been a benevolent spirit. Solas will comment, "Ah, of course," but provide no further explanation.

She also leaves behind a lootable area that yields 125-200 gold as well as a unique bow

Perseverance icon PerseverancePerseverance
Unique Bow
Inscribed in an unusual script: "Long have I endured, as the world has endured. Though time has worn the skies, it shall not reduce me, for I am eternity." Touching the wood gives a sense of devotion... of unknown source.
Requires: Level 15

Damage: 125–130
+4% Critical Chance
+48% Flanking Damage Bonus

Notes Edit

  • Though there are no specific spawn locations for the Chanter—making it difficult to locate her multiple times—the player can save and reload upon finding her initially to prompt her into speaking the next line in the sequence. Doing this after every new line of dialogue allows the player to receive the bow while only having to find the NPC once.
  • It is not said what type of spirit this being is, but given the form she chose to take as well as the devotion spoken of in the bow's description, it is possible that she may be a Spirit of Faith.

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Codex icon DAI Codex entry: A Journal on Dwarven Ruins - See Part 5.

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Inquisition-Bow-Schematic-icon2 Perseverance SchematicPerseverance Schematic
Bow Schematic

Damage: 123-140-159-166
Damage: 24 Metal
Offense: 20 Leather
Offense: 12 Metal
Offense: 6 Leather
Masterwork: 1 Masterwork