'Behemoth' is a market day action card in Dragon Age: The Last Court.

Description Edit

'We, the common folk, are of one body. We are a beast that bears all the world on its back. We need only to shrug, and we could shake creation to its roots...'

You close the book. The Kindly Knight, looks apologetic. "There is much of merit in certain progressive tracts. But this... it calls for a Great Uprising. Bloodshed is no answer. I cannot bring myself to destroy a book, so I submit it to your judgment."

Available actions Edit


"Burn it"
"In the wrong hands it could spark futher revolution."
-30 Rumors of Revolution, +1 Authority


"Give it to the Purveyor of Teas"
"You hear he has friends among the revolutionaries. He can ensure it will go where it can most help their cause."
+1 Favor from the Purveyor of Teas, +25 Rumors of Revolution, +10 Clues