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Who do you use in your party?
In my first build I was an elven rouge archer, in my party was Blackwall Cole and Dorian
Second build two handed human templar.
With Blackwall Sera Vivienne.
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• 16h

Where do you think souls go when they die?

We know for certain that souls do in fact exist in DA, but since not even Spirits of the Fade know where souls go when they die, it's pretty obvious that the Fade is no afterlife.

Humans believe that the afterlife is where the Maker resides.

Elves believe that Falon'Din or the Halla guide souls to the afterlife.

Dwarves simply believe that their souls return to the Stone.

What do you think? I personally think that while there IS an afterlife in DA, it's somewhere between all three of these.

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Who was the better Usurper/Cause of a Civil War?

So in your minds, who was the better Usurper/Traitor? Loghain or Gaspard? Both are famous generals, hold a claim to the throne in some way or another, and caused civil wars in their own country. For me, it was Loghain without a shadow of a doubt - his backstory is fantastic, motivation is interesting, he’s an amazing villain, and a cool companion - but what are your opinions?

In terms of backstory and history, who’s better? Also, as a fun thing, which was the better warrior at their best?
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• 2d

Assassin question

Leeching poison gives 5% healing/hit while poison weapon is active, hidden blades gives 3 free hits, if you cast hidden blades while poison weapon is active do you get extra healing?

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• 2d

Options for Human, Dwarf, and Qunari players in 4

With Fen'Harel as the main villain of 4, and with all the revelations in Tresspasser, it seems to make the most sense to have the main hero of 4 be an elf. But I don't think that will happen. No doubt, Elf will be a playable race. But Elf heroes in 4 would seem to bring out the most drama, since this conflict is about your religion, and history. How could a human, dwarf, or qunari be incorporated into the plot?

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Telling apart the Old Gods

This may have been something that flew right past my head in the past but how the Fade do people tell the Old Gods apart in the dragon form. Like.. everyone knows which Old God was in which Blight, but how’d they discern that “oh look it’s good ol’ Toth, up to his usual tricks again.”

Is it the colours of the Dragon? Do the Grey Wardens dreams whisper to them “btw guys. This archdemon is the Old God Urthemiel.”

Does the Magister of the Old God walk up and be like “yo, this is totally my drag guys, so like don’t hurt him, I kinda worship themmmm.”

Haha this is stupid I know but if in the next game a Blight happens or an Old God gets awakened early, are we gonna be like “oh no way that’s totally Razikale, you can tell by the way their looking at me.”
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Other good DA Communities?

I want to ask if somebody could recommend some other good Dragon Age communities to me. I have been rather late to the party, starting to play DAO in fall of 2015, following with DA2 a year later and finally Inquisition this year and mostly joining the discussions here because of questions about DAI initially. I'm also not very savvy about social media, so I don't know the ropes about which platform could have good communities. I guess Twitter is out of question, eh - my ramblings are just too long. :)

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• 12/8/2018

What the 7 lights in the mural mean

The mural at the end of the teaser (and at the top of the blog) shows a circle surrounding the red lyrium Idol. There are 7 lights on the left side of the circle. Well, 2 lights, and 5 unlit or extinguished semispheres where lights would be.

I think it's safe to say that those 7 "lights" symbolize or represent something. I have three theories as to what.

1. The Old Gods:

This one's obvious. Five Old Gods are dead, two are left. Five unlit/extinguished lights, two lit lights. The only problem is I can't figure out why they would be in that order. The two lit lights should be at the bottom, or the top. So either the position of the lights is random (highly unlikely) or there's some order to them which we can't know yet because of how the Old Gods relate to the idol (if they do). Still, I prefer this theory over the other two - it makes slightly more sense.

2. The Magisters Sidereal:

There are also seven Magisters Sidereal, and (at least) two of them are dead*. So, the two lit lights could be for the dead magisters, and the unlit lights are for the living ones.

I've come up with a possible reason for why the lit lights would be in that position, if the lights represent the magisters. But it's pretty out there. It's probably just a coincidence, but if you list the magisters alphabetically by their titles, Cory is always in the middle. This means that whether you start from the top or bottom, he is one of the lit lights.

For reference, these are their titles, listed alphabetically: 1. Appraiser of Slavery; 2. Augur of Mystery; 3. Architect of the Works of Beauty; 4. Conductor of the Choir of Silence (AKA Cory); 5. Forgewright of Fire; 6. Madman of Chaos; 7. Watchman of Night.

So if the light on the top left (next to the big shadow wolf) represents Appraiser, the lights for Conductor and Watchman are lit. Or if Appraiser is on the bottom, the light for him and Conductor are lit.

There's a codex entry which describes one magister killing and eating another. Since we don't know their identities, the dead magister could be anyone aside from Cory and the Architect. Thus, the one that got eaten could be Watchman or Appraiser.

As I said this is probably just a coincidence, but who knows.

3. The Evanuris:

Not counting Solas and Mythal, there are 7 Evanuris. I have no idea why only 2 of their lights would be lit up, though. The only reason I think this might even be a possibility is that the elf could be Mythal and the shadow wolf could be Solas, which would put all of the Evanuris on the mural (in a sense).

So what do you think? Do you think the lights represent one of those groups? Or perhaps something else - and if so, what?

*Yes, I realize the Architect could be dead too. But he also could be alive. Maybe if the mural appears in the game it will have 3 lit lights if the Architect is dead (assuming it relates to the magisters at all, which it might not).

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• 12/7/2018

The Mural and Blog Post

Note the 7 orbs. 7 Old gods. 2 are lit up. 2 Old Gods are alive. On the left, does it really look like Solas or someone else perhaps, facing against The Dread Wolf on the right. ARGH so much to THEORISE

(Also the blog post they put out)

A Message From Mark Darrah & Matthew Goldman – The Dread Wolf Rises
A Message From Mark Darrah & Matthew Goldman – The Dread Wolf Rises BioWare Blog
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• 12/7/2018

We finally got that Teaser!

Holy hell guys watching the game awards only to finally see the long awaited Dragon age 4 teaser was something. But just like the end quote of it suggest I have so many questions.

1. Why are we seeing the idol? Is this a another one yet to have been found
2. Is the mural suggesting that Solas intends to use it and why does it he sound weak or tired(answer probably obvious)

Of course I have more but my gosh was this an awesome teaser and I know it's too early to be speculating but just wow to everything.

New DRAGON AGE Trailer (TGA 2018)
New DRAGON AGE Trailer (TGA 2018) YouTube
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• 12/7/2018




So, the same Red Lyrium idol we saw in DA2? What do you think this could mean?

P.s. Hi guys, I'm temporarily back haha
Dragon Age Official Teaser Trailer - 2018 Game Awards
Dragon Age Official Teaser Trailer - 2018 Game Awards YouTube
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• 12/7/2018


#TheDreadWolfRises EVERYONE.

New game OFFICIAL, sorry but I’m like SO PUMPED

ALSO is Solas’ voice sound completely different???
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• 12/7/2018

How old is everyone???

Okay fr how old do you think all of the Origins companions are??? And each warden too? Tabris, Surana, Cousland, etc. I’ve looked it up but the answers vary and idk just wanna get some opinions.
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• 12/7/2018

Mike Laidlaw Joined Ubisoft

Don't know if anybody's interested in Mike Laidlaw's activities anymore, but according to this news site (@ 2:47), he's going back to AAA Games of some sort.

Big Bethesda Privacy Breach! + Smash Ultimate Is It Good? + Soulja Boy Selling Game Consoles
Big Bethesda Privacy Breach! + Smash Ultimate Is It Good? + Soulja Boy Selling Game Consoles YouTube
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• 12/6/2018

Most Powerful Human nation

I know what you’re thinking: Orlais. It’s the most obvious, and constantly called that by the lore and characters. Thing is, I don’t know if that’s really true. Strength doesn’t just come from the military: it can also come from alliances, political relationships, terrain, and other things.

For one, it lost Ferelden and never attempted to take it back - aside from Empress Celene trying to seduce Cailin - as far as I know. I’m pretty sure this is due to politics in Orlais at the time rather than military effort, but I may be wrong. Now Ferelden isn’t the strongest nation - outside my headcannon if it being led by the HoF - But it is a good example of Orlais being beaten by an inferior army.

Second, I’m pretty sure that Rivaine has the most political connections in the entire world. If I’m remembering correctly, they were supposed to have the political might to send half of Thedas into a never-ending war through politics alone.

And then there’s the Crows of Antiva, which could end a war before it even begins. And they can’t be stopped with a conventional army. That’s just awesome.

Then there’s Tevinter. I mean... do I even need to say anything? Mages there are allowed to make advancements unhindered, a good deal of them practice Blood Magic in some form, and they apparently had the numbers and skilled fighters to amass the Venatori - a group that proved to be very dangerous and powerful as an army. And we can’t forget that they managed to fight the Qunari all this time and not capitulate.

Of course, I’m not the biggest lore sleuth, so I may be wrong. But in your opinions, which is the most powerful nation?
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• 12/5/2018

Giving Inquisition another chance — already aggravated

I feel like the exposition was absolutely botched. Started all over again, got to the end of https://dragonage.wikia.com/wiki/The_Threat_Remains & re-witnessed the supposedly inspiring cutscene at the end where Cassandra is preparing the inquisition…& found myself utterly uninvolved.

Let’s break down the elvish mage starting character. You are a Dalish First I believe, or at the very least trained by a Keeper in magic, & you are sent to “spy on the conclave” in order to make sure the result wouldn’t bode ill for your own clan…already bored, & I wouldn’t have really got the entirety of that if I hadn’t read the codex entry, because it isn’t evidently obvious via dialogue. Spying is mentioned, but isn’t really expounded upon.

A thing blows up, you get dragged along basically against your will to stop a catastrophe that you have no interest in. I’m an elf, not a humanitarian, & seeing a bunch of “humans in skirts” get killed in a peace talk doesn’t really draw my emotion.


Compare this to DA2, DAO, & DAA:

In DA2 you are running for your life & trying to save your family. Your motivation is obvious & clear: get away. You get away, but it doesn’t end there because you or your sibling are under Templar scrutiny, & you still have to get away. Your sense of duty is still engaged, either as self preservation or out of love for your family. Throughout that process you become ingratiated into the story & it takes further meaning as you call Kirkwall home, & now you care if it gets attacked, but it all started with an obvious motivator.

In DAO you are wrenched from your respective origin & find new family in the Wardens. You start to make a new life in it, fighting against a foe you absolutely hate (especially if you’re a Dwarf) or at least find easy to hate. You start to care, start to build rapport with your fellow Warden companions, but then SUDDENLY almost all of them die (Joining, & then Ostagar) leaving you & Alistair the last of your kind, considering the Orlesians might as well not exist; further conflict on top of your origin. You have a sense of duty to the Wardens & desire for revenge at their deaths that pushes you forward into the story & gets things going.

DAA even had a better exposition than DAI. You have an obvious sense of duty (again to the Wardens) to go forward & meet the new challenges that arise, as you struggle to rebuild your order.


I have no sense of duty in Inquisition.

I don’t care about these people, I just want to get out & get back to my clan, but even that isn’t really _felt_, instead you are _told_ about it in a codex entry. You don’t have a sense of obligation to those around you to do anything; even self preservation isn’t a motivator because your self preservation isn’t really threatened (or at least the threat to it isn’t really felt), since Leliana says you can just leave, so why couldn’t you just take refuge again among the Dalish (which is what your codex implies you’re expected to do anyway)? Cassandra hints at you being seen as guilty, but she just ordered the templars not to arrest you & you’re supposedly free to go; you aren’t imprisoned, & by the time you left & rejoined the Dalish you’d be long gone & safe, which is compounded by the fact that there’s a crowd of people outside calling you the herald of Andraste that adores you & would probably not be all too happy about you being arrested. You should be home free to gtfo of there.

Oh wait, why does the crowd adore you? I don’t know, better check the Codex entry for an explanation that you don’t even feel because the writers absolutely failed to convey it, & thus you have to be told about it rather than be immersed in it.


So as you continue to investigate why you should care about any of this, Cassandra says the stupidest line yet: “It will not be easy if you stay, but you cannot pretend this has not changed you.”

Yeah I can! Seeing some demons burning villages I don’t care about has not changed me or my goals one bit. I still don’t feel an obligation to any of these people, & certainly not just because the Divine ordered the Inquisition reborn. I’m an elf, why do I care about some old human lady in a robe?

So then you have no choice but to agree because they need your mark even though you don’t need them (despite Leliana saying she can help you; help you with what? Your commute back to the Dalish?), & then begins the supposedly awe-inspiring cutscene of Cassandra preparing…some, people? Despite having “no numbers”? For something.

Finally, at the end the glorious Dragon Age Inquisition logo slams onto the screen, implying the momentous events to come, that this is just the beginning! …& all I can think of is a big, massive middle finger right in my face.


But yeah, this is just one small facet of why I can replay the old games over & over, but DAI just doesn’t do anything for me. I try to play it, but I just keep getting bored & insulted. I find myself utterly incapable of getting involved, so what do I do to start enjoying this game? I want to give it a chance & I want to love it, but I’ve never gotten anywhere with it.

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• 12/5/2018

What’s the most powerful class

Mage , warrior , rogue
I just want to know what will be the best for late game
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• 12/5/2018

Pros and cons

Ferelden hush of the whispers or champions of the just. Mages or templars? Pros and cons going with one or the other. Could you get both
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• 12/4/2018

Happy Dragon4ge Day!!!!

Perhaps to celebrate this day, everyone could share their favourite moments of all 3 games? Perhaps the most badass moment, or favourite character moments? Of any of the 3 games!!
Here’s to many more adventures in the world of Thedas!
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