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Dear Bioware: Please bring back the "CHARACTER creator"!

I have already given this suggestion officially in a "thank you and suggestion" email but I would be interested in hearing other opinions and improvement ideas on the matter.

Basically its about the lack of a character creator in recent RPG games in general.

Now many might wonder: "What ever do you mean? The character creator in DAI was really detailed and quite impressive, or not?"
I will mainly be using DAI as an example here - since it is the most recent game, BUT the character creator I speak of has been missing for a veeeery long time. Truth be told I dont believe a single RPG has had a "true" one since games became more than text adventures. Maybe its because I still experienced the pen and paper era (Jeez Im old... oO) but I always yearn for actual "character creation".

Let me give the run down:

Creating the face, the name and choosing the class and race is the BARE minimum of "creating" a character. Two of those choices (Name and appearance) dont even matter in the slightest for the actual game as it is impossible for the programmers to make them relevant in any way.

All "personality choices" are made in the actual game itself - thus it takes some time for the "character" of your character (stupid joke, sorry! :D) to emerge. And since this happens in dialogue only you will get several instances of having to choose the same things over and over again.

What am I specfically talking about? What choices would I like to make before the game even starts? Well:


This obviously has to fit the story so we will never be able to fit all our wishes. Most DAO origins only fit for a 18-25 old Warden in my head (Not giving all reasons now and please feel free to disagree), Hawke might be mid 30s at best and the Inquisitor is more flexible depending on Origin chosen (Dalish First most likely being a bit younger - all the rest might already be in their 40s or even older if you choose so)
Age would open up or close certain dialogue options potentially... a younger character might be more hopeful, an older character more cynical etc.


Pretty self explanatory. I was not a fan of DA2s "everybody is bi approach". It made the characters less "real" (Still liked them though - dont get me wrong)
But the Player is always open to everything... and thats odd, right?
Its a simple 3 button system in the creation menu. "Bi" the game plays like it does now, "Hetero" and "Homo" and you dont even GET the flirt options you dont want or have lines of dialogue to explain in a kind or brash way (depending on your choice) that you are not interested when someone hits on you.

-Religion or "Faith"

Again an easy click system. "Agnostic" would keep everything the way it is now. Religious would then let you choose WHICH religion and Atheist would obviously be the last of the 3 choices.
Now of course THIS is something (as well as sexuality now that I think about it) that should be able to change during the game. An Elf starting out as a believer in the Creators and then being crushed by the revelations during the game... there is great story stuff in things like that to be found. DAI did touch on things like this... but it could be more... ah well :) At least they went a few steps into that direction. I was very happy overall.


Certain characters should already know certain things. A carta Dwarf should not have to first research "underworld knowledge". A human noble in their 20s+ should already know alot about nobility etc... those "perks" used to be tied to your own person... why they are now tied to the advisers is beyond me.
And then there is the infamous moment of the Dalish Inquistior asking Morrigan "Who is Mythal"... I face palmed so hard I actually hurt myself back then...

In short: Let us pick some basic knowledge our character might have and give a certain race/class MANDATORY knowledge so that stupid questions like that do not occur ;) Please!

-Morality or "disposition"

My last wish... and the most unlikely to happen. Its not impossible... but massive work for the Devs. They already tried this to some extent in DA2 and it worked "okay" for me. They even allowed Hawke to change if the player wanted to during the game... good job DA2! (its said so rarely :D - I never thought it was THAT bad personally)

Then again ... this is something that I dont really mind being formed during the game itself instead of beforehand... but being able to play a "grumpy" dwarf who lightens up or a snobby noble who learns humility... stuff like that is story gold.


So far for the NEW stuff.

As for things already there.


Its fine... it will never be important for anyone but the player. I doubt an NPC will ever say: "Jeez you are REALLY ugly!" if you mess up the face in the creator ;)


Here I disagree with a lot of people I believe. I REALLY do not care since the game does not care either. Your name is never seen outside of the codex and your save game files... so why bother? Honestly just give us 3 names to choose from per race (so 12 in total) and have those be voiced... so that at least your love interest and friends can actually informally address you. Imagine addressing the person you love in real life by their job title... so bizarre oO

The voiced last name was a step in the right direction... now you may as well go all the way.

-Attributes, Talents and Skills

Yeah... what happened here? ... Do I need to say anything? Bring back our choices. End of discussion :D

Furthermore give every specific combination of Race and Class a special skill that ranges beyond "10% less range damage" or the like. Thats just... lame.

Dalish Keeper had NO single keeper spell? You had already developed those skills in DAO-awakening.
Every Qunari should have some sort of "rage" ability (ala Berserk mode), every Dwarf should have some anti magic effect that can activate every now and again... or dark vision... SOMETHING! :D

Really dropped the ball there I feel :(

ANYWAY... long ass post. Sorry about that :P
Im interested to hear thoughts on the matter.
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