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• 8h

Weapon sets

Who else misse having two weapon sets especially for rogues and warriors being able to switch between sword and sheild or two handed sword and dual daggers or a bow mages it was usefull for different spell sets for different enemies
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• 10h

MERRY Christmas

This is so true. LMFAO
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• 12h

Once you beat dragon age one

Cam you play it again with the same person?
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• 22h

Bow help

Just got to skyhold what is a good bow to use level 13
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• 1d


Any tips for to get assisisan weaphons for the way of the assassin quest
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• 2d

Taking down the Veil

If the Veil was taken down, like if Fen'Harel succeeded in taking down the Veil, would everyone survive? Would the Elves take back everything that was taken from them land, power, and freedoms? Would the Elven Pantheon return only to go at war with Fen'Harel for his betrayal? And the biggest question is would the Elves survive?

Sorry for all the questions!
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• 2d

Anvil of the Void

If the warden is a dwarf would he/she ever destroy the Anvil of the Void considering that Orzammar is dying and the Anvil is only hope of survival without surfacer help

The golems were the only thing capable of actually defeating darkspawn and recapturing lost thaigs

So back to my original question would a dwarven warden under any circumstance destroy the Anvil
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• 3d

Friend needs help

Right so a Twitter friend needs help with some one who is a bit higher in the hierarchy of the wiki, I do not know what the issue is for they do not wish for it be public, you have to quote them " major editing power" please reply to this
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• 3d

Is Anyone Else Worried About DA4?

For a while now, I've been hearing predictions and opinions from people who believe the next Dragon Age game will fail due not only to EA's interference, but coupled with the fact that some of BioWare's recent game did not do too well.

While I like to remain hopeful, I can help but be concerned about DA4 not meeting expectations because of given the recent track record of the two gaming companies, and this feeling is made worse now that David Gaider no longer has the reigns.

Is anyone else just as concerned, or am I simply reading too much into this?

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• 3d

Dread Wolf Rises Trailer

Is it just me,or did Solas' voice in the DA4 trailer sound similar to the red lyrium tainted future Solas from In Hushed Whispers?

I could be totally off. He might just be tired or more "dread wolfy."

Just curious on what you guys might think.
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• 4d
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• 4d


Does the poison from the ability Poisoned Weapons stack multiple times on a single target? Also does the Tears of the Dead poison stack multiple times on a single target as well?
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• 4d


Some of you might not remember this but on October I made a post about a survey that I created in order to get to know the most common choices and actions taken in the Dragon Age Video Game Series.
Here are the results:

I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year and also a thanks to everyone who participated in this survey.
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• 4d

The veil, the fade, and the mortal world

So Solas says that he created the veil. That would mean spirits and demons would live in the same world as mortals or some mix of the fade and the mortal world, right? How would that even work? Genevieve says that souls of the dead go through the fade on their way to the afterlife but that wouldn’t work if there used to be no veil. Also the fade is supposed to be where a person goes in their dreams but how would that work when it used to be part of the waking world before solas put up the veil?
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• 12/14/2018

Question (Possibly Spoilers)

so in the end of dragon age inquisition right uh whatshisface (don't want to use his actual name for those who haven't gotten that far) is supposed to basically disappear right but in the description of the last quest, you're supposed to end up in a cutscene with your option...but my option is whatshisface? So like, will he be there or what.

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• 12/13/2018


Who do you use in your party?
In my first build I was an elven rouge archer, in my party was Blackwall Cole and Dorian
Second build two handed human templar.
With Blackwall Sera Vivienne.
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• 12/13/2018

Where do you think souls go when they die?

We know for certain that souls do in fact exist in DA, but since not even Spirits of the Fade know where souls go when they die, it's pretty obvious that the Fade is no afterlife.

Humans believe that the afterlife is where the Maker resides.

Elves believe that Falon'Din or the Halla guide souls to the afterlife.

Dwarves simply believe that their souls return to the Stone.

What do you think? I personally think that while there IS an afterlife in DA, it's somewhere between all three of these.

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• 12/12/2018

Who was the better Usurper/Cause of a Civil War?

So in your minds, who was the better Usurper/Traitor? Loghain or Gaspard? Both are famous generals, hold a claim to the throne in some way or another, and caused civil wars in their own country. For me, it was Loghain without a shadow of a doubt - his backstory is fantastic, motivation is interesting, he’s an amazing villain, and a cool companion - but what are your opinions?

In terms of backstory and history, who’s better? Also, as a fun thing, which was the better warrior at their best?
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• 12/12/2018

Assassin question

Leeching poison gives 5% healing/hit while poison weapon is active, hidden blades gives 3 free hits, if you cast hidden blades while poison weapon is active do you get extra healing?

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• 12/11/2018

Options for Human, Dwarf, and Qunari players in 4

With Fen'Harel as the main villain of 4, and with all the revelations in Tresspasser, it seems to make the most sense to have the main hero of 4 be an elf. But I don't think that will happen. No doubt, Elf will be a playable race. But Elf heroes in 4 would seem to bring out the most drama, since this conflict is about your religion, and history. How could a human, dwarf, or qunari be incorporated into the plot?

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