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Learning Abilities Above (No Spoilers)

I’ve read a few build guides and some of them have you learning abilities that are “above” an already learned ability, but “below” one you haven’t. For example, learning all abilities but Knockout Bomb in the Assassin tree. However, I’m having trouble in some instances of learning abilities in this way (i.e. can’t learn Gaps in the Armor without Knockout Bomb).

Is this a bug or a game mechanic?
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Storyline like on ME wiki page

Would that be possible? I have recently read through it and its fantastic, puts together not only a main timeline but very well done summaries of all media on ME, afterwards I came rushing here to see if someone has done the same for Dragon Age, but sadly its not here :(

I gotta admit there are some comics I have not read simply because I lack the want to read these "side" stories but if they were put into one overarching storyline I would be thrilled.

So basically I just wanted to ask, is anyone planning to do this, would people be interested?

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Order of events

In which order the main event and the two dlc's take place

Any help is appreciated
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The Tyrdda Andraste Flemeth Connection: A Dragon Age Theory

There once was a beautiful woman who hailed from an Alamarri tribe. She was deemed a mother figure, she was forsaken by a lover or suitor, she had a secret talent for magic, she was contacted by a being she believed to be a god whom then aided her for years, she led an army, worked closely with elves, and her encounters or affiliations with dragons have helped shape her tale.

Except, this was not one woman, but at least three: Tyrdda, Andraste, and Flemeth.

(1) There once was a beautiful woman from an Alamarri tribe.

+ Tyrdda (She was Alamarri before founding the Avvar). I can’t find a birth year for her but her wiki says that “in -620 TE  her tribe was living near the present-day Lake Calenhad.”

+ Andraste (Born  -203 Ancient (992 TE)),

+ Flemeth (Born in 3:00 Towers).

(2) She was deemed a mother figure.

+ Tyrdda Bright-Axe, Avvar-Mother,

+ Andraste, Mother of the Chantry,

+ Flemeth, Mother of Vengeance (And OFC Mythal, the All-Mother, when she took on that role).

(3) She was forsaken by a lover or suitor.

+ One of Tyrdda’s suitors was chieftain Thelm Gold-Handed. He dreamt demons approached him and convinced him he must conquer a "golden city" full of treasure lying across the Waking Sea, beyond the Valley of Ferelden. He approached Tyrdda with gifts of gold and silver in exchange for her warriors and tried to convince Tyrdda to marry him with stories of this supposed golden city full of food, across the sea. Tyrdda refused her suitor's temptations after consulting with her lover, the Lady of the Skies, who comes to her in the form of an elf (her “leaf-eared lover”), and didn’t agree to an alliance with Thelm's tribe. Thelm did not take the rejection well and waged battle against her people.

+ Andraste married to Maferath to create a unified Alamarri border that stretched from the Planasene through the Fertile Crescent to the Bannorn. He eventually conspired with Archon Hessarian and allowed disguised Tevinter forces to enter Andraste's stronghold in the city of Nevarra to capture her and bring her back to Minrathous, where the Archon had her burned at the stake.

+ Conobar killed the young poet, Osen, whom he saw as a threat to his marriage, and imprisoned his wife, Flemeth, in the highest tower of his castle. Flemeth then summoned a spirit to wreak vengeance on her husband who’d wronged her. The spirit (Mythal) then took possession of her, supposedly turning her into an abomination. She is said to then have slaughtered Conobar and fled into the Wilds. However, according to Brother Genitivi, there was no evidence that a "Bann Connobar Elstan" or a "Flemeth of Highever" existed. It was thus speculated that the legend may actually refer to a “Teyrn Talemal, son of Caedmon,” who once tried to unite Ferelden. He was then killed by his wife, whom he'd also imprisoned for “unfaithfulness.” She was eventually released by servants, not by breaking free due to demonic possession. I'm inclined to believe the first version.

Also worth noting here is the connection of Flemeth’s tale to Eluvia’s:

“Owing primarily to the popular Orlesian tale of the same name, the constellation Eluvia is commonly referred to as "Sacrifice." During the Glory Age, folklore told of a young woman saved from a lustful mage by being sent into the sky by her father—after which the mage killed him (hence the sacrifice). The daughter became the constellation, depicted as a seated woman with her head in the clouds. Prior to this tale, Eluvia was thought to represent Razikale, the Tevinter Old God of mystery, and the constellation was the source of many superstitions involving the granting of wishes.” —From A Study of Thedosian Astronomy by Sister Oran Petrarchius.

Razikale, AKA the Dragon of Mystery, happens to be one of the Old Gods, which is said by the Chantry to be imprisoned underground by the Maker for usurping His worshipers.

+ Flemeth did get her wish granted. Just perhaps not how she thought it would be answered. Connection between Mythal and Razikale?

Flemeth’s story is also vaguely reminiscent of Leliana’s tale in DA:O regarding a high-born woman named Alindra and her lover, a young commoner soldier. Her father didn't approve of their relationship, so he put her up in a tower, and sent her lover off to war, during which he was killed. She wept and pleaded to the gods for deliverance, who felt for her and brought both of their souls up to the skies where they became stars. The band of stars between them was then called ‘Alindra’s tears.’ Sounds a tiny bit like it could reference 'the Tears of Andraste.'

+ Also, consider Cole, In the Emerald Graves approaching Southfinger Tower: “There was a lady in the tower. She cried, but no one heard.”

The similarities found in Eluvia and Alindra’s tales to Flemeth’s could very well be a coincidence, but figured I’d include in case they were of interest.

(4) She had a secret talent for magic.

+ Tyrdda's axe was, in fact, a staff, and although those at Stone-Bear hold knew, the Inquisition made it seem as though this was a surprise.

+ The droughts, wildfires and landslides, now commonly believed to either have natural explanations or to be the result of darkspawn interference, were then considered miracles performed by Andraste. Andraste's ashes are also able to heal severe illnesses such as the Arl's poisoning, making it clear that she was not entirely mortal in the same way other non-mage individuals are. I’m also going to squeeze a certain story in here about Andraste’s early life: “Halliserre [Andraste’s half-sister] died in a violent incident under mysterious circumstances with Andraste present. This incident scarred Andraste in many ways: she was left with a sickness of the lungs that made her unable to bear children for a decade; she also was known to display strange behavior, such as becoming still for long moments in a trance-like state, after which she would report voices as if from a lost memory and talk of strange auras or the sound of bells. Later on, Andraste came to remember her sister's death as a matter of heresy, suggesting that her alchemist mother had been whispering of the Old Gods.”

+ And as for Flemeth, we have this bit: “Ages ago, legend says Bann Conobar took to wife a beautiful young woman who harbored a secret talent for magic: Flemeth of Highever.”

(5) She was contacted by a being she believed to be a god, whom then aided her for years.

+ Tyrdda - the Lady of the Skies.

+ Andraste - the Maker.

+ Flemeth - Mythal.

+ On a side note, the Lady of the Skies also helped Andraste, according to the codex entry for the constellation, Visus:

“Known as "the Watchful Eye" in common parlance, this constellation had great significance to the ancient Alamarri and Cirianne peoples of southern Thedas. The story goes that the Lady of the Skies opened one eye so that the light from her gaze could lead her people safely from the Frostbacks. When Andraste's armies marched north from their ancestral lands to wage war upon Tevinter, they were guided by the Eye, and it became the Maker's gaze—not the Lady's— leading them to victory. The sword was added later; it is said that the star that marks the point of its blade only appeared in the night sky after Andraste's death. The early Inquisition took Visus as the symbol of their holy calling when they joined the Andrastian faith: the Eye representing both their search for maleficarum and the Maker's judgment upon their actions. When the Inquisition ended and became the Seekers of Truth and the Templar Order, the templars took the sword while the Seekers retained the eye.” —From A Study of Thedosian Astronomy by Sister Oran Petrarchius

(6) Encounters or affiliations with dragons have helped shape her tale.

+ It was Tyrdda's encounter with a dragon that caused the Lady of the Skies to send down a bolt of lightning to aid her, and thus allow her to meet Hendir, who she would be encouraged to have a child with so there could eventually be a descendant in her bloodline named Morrighan'nan… Not Morrigan. Two different ladies.

+ The cult at Haven in DA:O believed Andraste to be a dragon.

+ Flemeth is able to transform into a dragon, and “The Chasind often paint Flemeth in the shape of a great dragon or serpent that only the truly desperate would turn towards.”

+Mythal and Razikale both have draconic forms as well.

(7) She worked closely with elves.

+ Tyrdda: The Lady of the Skies in the form of an elf.

+ Andraste: Shartan.

+ Flemeth: Elven deities such as Mythal and Solas, as well as if the Warden or Inquisitor was an elf.

If I still have your attention, I’m going to take this a bit further.

+ Andraste and Flemeth both bore only daughters. The gender of Tyrdda’s child was never mentioned, just that there would someday be a daughter named Morrighan'nan somewhere down the line.

+ Just to put some things in perspective: If my understanding of the DA calendar system is not completely wack, Flemeth would be around 630+ years old by the time of the Conclave explosion. Likewise, Andraste would have been born approx. 1,043 years before the explosion, and Tyrdda would have been born 1,415+ years before the Conclave explosion. In any event, this puts at least 372+ years between Tyrdda and Andraste, and 413+ between Andraste and Flemeth. Andraste also dies over 300 years before Flemeth is born, and Andraste was only in her thirties when she was burned at the stake.

+ What is it about the Alamarri? Perhaps it has something to do with the Avvar belief that some of their people are destined to be reborn, their soul returning in a new body so that they may continue to do good for their people. This sounds rather hazily like descriptions we’ve encountered of Flemeth…

+ It is also part of this Avvarian belief that although these recycled souls are not likely to remember their past lives, they are subconsciously guided by previous experiences through visions, for example. Andraste definitely had some visions, but I believe Flemeth to be better acquainted with her past.

+ But what REALLY makes this soul so special that would be reborn again and again? Is there some higher purpose that it needs to achieve? Why is it being targeted by various gods? Who did it belong to before Tyrdda, or was she the first? Will it stop with Flemeth?

+ I would assume that Mythal is the reason why Flemeth, in particular, has lived for so long. Is all this soul recycling business so that Mythal will have a vessel when she needs it?

*Please feel free to add to this, and let me know if there are any errors that need correcting. I consider this to be a work in progress.*

What do you think?
  • [Luke Skywalker voice] That's impossible!!!
  • It could be possible!
  • [Darth Vader voice] No. I am your father.
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Anyone else also experienced this on your console?

I have Dragon Age Inquisition on my PS4 since my laptop barely gets past 15 FPS and I recently cleared out Emprise Du Lion. In Emprise Du Lion you have three dragons which you can kill to complete the Dragon Hunter collection quest and get some equipment and resources. When I went to kill the Highland Ravager dragon (look it up if you don't know what Dragon I'm referring to), there was a massive FPS Drop and lag that I think also happened in my other playthroughs. I'm serious, the FPS probably dropped from 30 to 5-10 FPS which obviously led to a massive slow down. I just want to know if this is a common problem.
FPS returned to a stable 30 FPS after I killed the Dragon.
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Crossbreeding question

If a Qunari and a Dwarf had a baby would it be an... ahem, "little person" qunari?

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Does the map ever stop? (Da: I)

Just found out that invisible walls can be walked around and then checked the map and I’m literally not on it anymore, but the ground is still solid. I’m just wondering if it’ll ever end
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Need a new spoiler tag for the new comic.

We need a new spoiler tag for the Dragon Age: Deception comic. This is outside my usual skill set so if anyone wants to take care of this, please speak up.

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DAI: Pseudo-Crash on using Immolate spell

Has anybody else encountered an issue with the game either crashing to desktop or reverting to the main menu when casting Immolate with the main character?

When reverting to the main menu it shows a pop-up saying something like "Ihre Sitzung wurde unterbrochen." (in German), roughly translated as "Your Session was discontinued".

A quick google-ing gave the impression that this might be due to some server overload issue on part of EA/Origin.

The ingame area where it started was Forbidden Oasis, but it also happened at Crestwood, In-your-heart-shall-burn Haven.

It seems to happen in a wildly random pattern, starting around 11 am today (Central European Time).

Normally, the game shows a message on loosing server connection (and the Golden Nug vanishes), but we never encountered crashes to desktop/ main menu before.

Character used was a female Trevelyan mage. Did not happen with AI-contolled Dorian.

Abilties learned are:

Immolate - Wildfire upgrade

Flashfire (no upgrade)



Clean Burn

Fire Wall (no upgrade)

Chaotic Focus

Winter's Grasp - Winter's Ruin upgrade

Chain Lightning - Arcing Surge

Energy Barrage - Energy Bombardement

Mark of the Rift

(No specialization yet)

(DLCs: Trespasser, Jaws of Hakkon, The Descent, Spoils of the Avvar, Spoils of the Qunari)

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Assassin Build (DA:I)

This is my "Hand of God" Assassin build; This guide is based on using the Amulet of Power Exploit, friendly fire off, all of the DLC acquired and having all the Schematics available from the jump. 

Double Daggers

Necklace - Max Stamina +60 (Jaws of Haakon)

Rings - Superb Ring of Attackx2 (Descent) 

Belt - Enhanced Belt of Urgency (The Purple one is in Trespasser)

Helmet - Dexterity (Battlemage Hood w/Avvar Twill I believe.)

Armor - Med Inquisitor Armor, one w/most Utility slots, Dexterity: Deepstaker Sigil; Masterwork 75 percent increased movement speed in stealth (fade-touched Craggy Skin)

Weapon - Stone Stalker Blade(x2)Attack and Flank Damage/Masterworks 75 percent aoe explosion on kill(fade-touched Nevarrite) and Berserk 30% damage boost, 300% incoming damage penatly(fade-touched Stormheart)

Tonic - Mighty Offense

Companions - Blackwall(main tank), Cassandra(off tank w/damage boost support and a Focused Willpower build Mage of your choosing; Static Cage/Barrier/Dispel/Guardian Angel 

8 Abilities

Deathblow w/Thrill of Victory

Twin Fangs w/Ripping Fangs

Flank Attack w/Skirmisher

Stealth w/Lost in the Shadows

Hidden Blades w/Overkill

Mark of Death w/Mark of Doom

Throwing Blades w/Precision Targeting

Knockout Bomb w/Comatose

The point of this build is flank attacks and maintaining stealth. With the Assassin's passive abilites, you get stealth reset with kill(s) and you get automatic critical hits in stealth. So increasing critical chance or cunning is improving an empty stat. Don't do it. 

This is a high risk, high reward build. I keep my health below 50 percent so I can have the attack speed bonus. If you are staying in stealth, you shouldn't worry about being hit. Their is the occasional aoe hit that can get you, i.e., a bear's aoe attack/basic attack from a two hander, magic mine or a Revenant. A way to counter this quick enough is to point yourself away from danger and use flank attack. It can be handy as an evasive maneuver. Assassin itself is a risky build if you are trying to maintain stealth the entirety of the fight. Deathblow's 2nd hit usually misses short enemies *deepstalkers and enemies on the ground. A enemy can turn their shoulder at the last moment denying you a flank attack can be a common occurence. Regardless, I find it a crazy fun way to play.

Since this is high risk play style, you might as well go all in. If you go down, my mages all have the rampage spec from the guardian angel ability.  

Out of all the damage classes that I have tested, this one requires the most party management. If you are in Stealth while in free roam, your companions really fall back to prevent detection. If you go in ahead of them and blow the kill, you are mostly likely going down. Move your tanks ahead of you, have them taunt, then go in there and do your business.

Initiating a fight will be Stealth+Twin Fangs or Flank Attack+Twin Fangs. On lesser enemies 8k or so, even with full health; you can use Stealth+Deathblow and that will kill them outright. To "get" the second hit of Deathblow, the enemies total health has to be less than 50 percent. With Deathblow having a cooldown reset with kill(s), this will be your go to move. It is a nice way of cleaning up the battlefield. It also has a devastating shatter damage bonus. Do not use Deathblow if you can't kill the enemy with it. Use basic attacks to lower their health before using deathblow if need be.

For higher health enemies, 17k plus, use stealth/knockout bomb/Twin Fangs or Flank attack/knockout bomb/twin fangs. Knockout bomb doesn't break stealth, which is incredibly handy. It should do enough damage to finish them, if not, there is always deathblow to clean it up.

Whether you start a fight with Stealth or with Flank Attack. It is nice to have the other in your back pocket. Just in case you lose stealth without a kill. You can get it right back by using the ability you didn't use.

The fun combo, this is for higher health enemies. 50k plus to bosses. Have your tanks taunt them. Position yourself behind them, Twin Fangs distance. Mark of Death, Stealth, Knockout Bomb(if no sleep immunity,) Hidden Blades, Throwing Blades, Twin Fangs and Detonate Mark of Death. If the enemy has sleep immunity, MoD, S, HB, TB, Twin Fangs, Deathblow then detonate Mark of Death. 

The Ultimate Combo, this is for Dragons. Get in a flank position, twin fangs distance.Use Mighty Offensive Tonic, Cloak of Shadows, Mark of Death, Hidden Blades, Throwing Blades, Twin Fangs, Deathblow, and detonate Mark of Death. 

With regards to the picture below. It was hard difficulty, I didn't activate Cloak of Shadows and I wasn't able to land Deathblow because the dragon moved. Nonetheless, it is massive damage. That 343444 was a non-critical hit and it was the result detonating the Mark of Death. If I could have landed everything I wanted to and if it was a critical hit. It would have been an absurd number.

Post image
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Knight Enchanter Build (DA:I)

This is my "His hands can't hit what his eyes can't see" Knight Enchanter Build. This guide is based on using the Amulet of Power Exploit, friendly fire off, all of the DLC acquired and having all the Schematics available from the jump.

Necklace - Andraste's Sacrifice

Rings - Enhanced Rings of Fire Mine and Energy Barrage. *May the Random Loot Gods Bless Thee, Amen.* If not, Superb Ring of Attack (2x)

Belt - Enhanced Belt of the Inferno (the purple one is in Trespasser)

Helmet - Mask of the Grand Duchess for Humans/Elves; Cretahl Vitaar for Qunari *The Descent*

Armor - Light Inquisitor Armor, with highest Utility slot-Magic/Ranged Defense, Sigil of Lyrium. Masterwork Berserk, 30% Damage Boost; 300% Incoming Damage Penalty (Fade-Touched Stormheart)

Weapon - Encore; Shock. All Attack. Masterwork 10 percent Permanent Stat boost 

Companions - Varric for his passives, a Weapon and Shield Warrior, Shield Bash for Guard damage/Horn of Valor for Damage Boost and Iron Bull. Might as well take advantage of Iron Bull's damage bonus to enemies who are on the ground. Or since Wall of Fire causes fear, Dorian's Necromancy passives would be beneficial as well.

8 Abilities

Fire Mine w/Searing Glyph

Wall of Fire w/Lasting Flame

Immolate w/Wildfire

Energy Barrage w/Energy Storm

Dispel w/Transmute Magic

Fade Step w/Frost Step

Spirit Blade w/Amplified Blade

Fade Cloak w/Enduring Cloak

The name of the Knight Enchanter game is magical tanking. This tanking is a different strategy. Instead of absorbing hits, you will be evading them altogether. The primary spells that you use, Fire Mine, Fade Cloak, Fade Step and Wall of Fire will put enemies on their back and/or swinging at nothing or having them run away in a panic. If you are out of barrier, you have guard, guardian spirit, fade step and fade cloak to protect yourself.


This is a hybrid dps/tank build that can actually produce very good damage. Compared to Champion tanking, it is a massive upgrade in damage output. Fire Mine, Energy Barrage and Wall of Fire will be your primary damage spells. Use Immolate on lower healthed enemies or as a finisher.  

To initiate the fight, Fade Step into as many enemies as you can. Single out a target at your preference. Immediately activate Fade Cloak and position yourself on them. Activate Energy Barrage, (Energy Barrage is optimally used at point blank distance.) You should have full/near full barrier built up at this point. The Rotation of your spells should be like this; When you have Barrier, (the more the better,) activate fire spells. Order of importance; Fire Mine/Wall of Fire/Immolate. When your barrier is zero, gain barrier so you can get back to blasting fire spells. Gain barrier by Fade Cloak/Step, Energy Barrage, and using Spirit Blade when it is and only when it is at 99 charges. It isn't the worst idea to not have fade cloak and fade step on a cooldown at the same time.

Even though Fade Cloak has 1000 percent weapon damage boost, the damage output is grossly misrepresented. Don't use fade cloak as a primary damage spell. It is best used when you are out of barrier. It keeps you safe from damage, you gain barrier on a hit and if the enemy is small enough, it will put them on their back. 

The obvious weakness to this build is fire resistant enemies. For dragons, swap out your fire spells for ice spells. For everyone else, Fade Cloak, basic attacks, 99 charges Spirit Blade and Energy Barrage. If you can, save your flashpoint passive for EB, if that isn't a option, save it for Fade Cloak. It will take more time to defeat the enemy, but they still won't be able to damage your health. I personally just have a shock staff for this build. It wouldn't be the worst idea to have a staff of every element.

If you want to swap out dispel for a focused ability or a spell, Go for it. Me personally, this build is a this a 7 spell rotation. I have tried it with other spells in that 8th slot. But it messes up the mana regeneration for my combat cycle. Mind Blast would be a perfect alternate if it didn't lower your threat generation.

I know everyone has their favorite class for whatever reason. I truly think that Knight Enchanter has the most value as a class with regards to combat. It is extremely rare to take health damage, you have very good damage output and you don't have to micro-manage your party. 


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Reaver Build (DA:I)

This is my "Wolverine" Reaver build; This guide is based on using the Amulet of Power Exploit, friendly fire off, all of the DLC acquired and having all the Schematics available from the jump.

Necklace - Amulet of Death Syphon(Trespasser dlc, located at Emprise du Lion)

Rings - Superb Ring of Critical Chance x2 (Descent)

Belt - Superb Belt of Health

Helmet - Consituition

Armor - Heavy Inquisitor Armor, with highest Utility slot-Constituition/Ranged Defense, Sigil of the Great Bear. Masterwork 75 percent aoe explosion on kill Fade Touched Nevarrite

Weapon - Axe of the Dragon Hunter; Crit Chance/Attack. Masterwork Plus 50 Stamina on kill Fade Touched Great Bear 

Companions - Solas w/Focused Willpower build, Static Cage/Pull of the Abyss/Barrier and Dispel for barriers. Tank for taunts and guard damage. 3rd companion, Varric for his Artificer passives, humor and lockpicking.

8 Abilities

Ring of Pain w/Painbringer

Combat Roll w/Coming Through

Devour w/Consume

Dragon Rage w/Ravage

Horn of Valor w/There's the Spirit

Charging Bull w/Light on your Feet

Livid w/Endless Strength


This play style is fairly straightforward. Absolutely no party management needed. You start fights and you end them. Rampage and Mighty Offense Tonic for Dragons and Bosses. Even though this Reaver build is aggressive and meant for speed, You are fairly stout. You have guard gain, heal on kill, and devour's healing. Not to mention barrier from a mage. Your biggest risk of being downed is being greedy for damage boost and downing yourself by your own attacks. 

You want to maintain continuous Livid and Ring of Pain for the duration of the fight. Even though I don't use Two-Handed abilities, the passives in that tree are activated by critical hits, that is why I have a Crit build Reaver. 

Position yourself just outside of the enemies detection area. Activate Horn of Valor, Use Charging Bull to go through as many enemies as you can. Activate Livid, Combat Roll back into the downed enemy(ies). Activate Ring of Pain, spam Dragon's Rage and use Devour when need be. As long as it doesn't zero out your stamina and cancels Ring of Pain, use Combat Roll as a finisher. 

Livid extends its duration if you get a kill within 15 seconds. Outside of a boss or a dragon, killing an enemy in 15 seconds will not be a problem. If you do this right, the livid ability will be refreshed from cooldown before the passive expires on yourself.

Deactivate Ring of Pain when the fight is over. Even though Ring of Pain drains stamina quickly, the Amulet of Death Syphon/Reaver's high dps/Fade Touched Great Bear and Sigil of Great Bear will allow the Reaver to continuously use Ring of Pain in a fight. With exception to a boss or dragon of course.

Try your best to attack from the flank; however, Dragon's Rage is so wild that it will most likely take you out of flanking position. You could lock onto enemies to minimize this problem. I personally don't lock onto enemies, but to each their own.

Combat Roll is deceptively valuable. Good damage output, low stamina cost and basically a non-existent cooldown. Great as a starter and a finisher.

I have tried the build with all strength versus all constitution. The all constitution build for some reason has better damage output. Your combat roll won't be as good, but the damage bonus to your Reaver abilities make up for it.


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Champion Build (DA:I)

This is my "Come at me Bro" Champion build; This guide is based on using the Amulet of Power Exploit, friendly fire off, all of the DLC acquired and having all the Schematics available from the jump. 

Weapon - Revered Defender Sword, Attack/Crit Chance; Masterwork Increase all Stats by 10 percent

Shield - The Knight's Second; Health/Ranged Defense; Masterwork 10% chance to activate Unbowed - Fade Touched Volcanic Aurum

Necklace - Enhanced Amulet of Barrier

Rings - Enhanced Shield Bash Ring and Superb Ring of Guard Penetration

Belt - Master Guard Belt

Helmet - Constitution 

Armor - Health/Con/Sunder/Sigil of the Great Bear. Masterwork Pull of Abyss - Fade Touched Nevarrite

Companions - Varric, Sera and a Willpower focused Solas. Pull of the Abyss/Static Cage/Dispel

8 Abilities

Payback Strike w/Cruel Revenge

Charging Bull w/Light on Your Feet

Shield Wall w/Immovable Object

War Cry w/Battle Roar

Shield Bash w/Ring the Bell

To The Death w/En Garde

Challenge w/Call Them Out

Lunge and Slash w/Great Lunge

The point of this build is Taunting, maintaining taunts, block when need be and melting guard. This is a simple and effective playstyle. No need for party management, you start the fight, and your companions will finish it. You are unkillable. Make sure Solas, (or the mage of your choice) has the passive from the Winter Tree, Mana Surge.

Initiating a fight, I line up as many enemies as I can and use Charging Bull through them, use War Cry. A Gold star and cookie for you if you can get the enemies too face you and have their backs to your companions. Save your Shield bash for enemies with guard or if they are frozen, Guard break is the priority. Lunge and Slash for frozen enemies as well.

If I know there is a two handed bruiser elite or a pride demon. I will swap out Lunge and Slash for War Horn. When timely activated, War Horn will interrupt the whirlwind attack from the bruiser and the electric whip from a pride demon. 

Don't bother blocking Despair Demon's concentrated ice blast or an Arcane Horror's spirit barrage, it is just going to zero out your stamina and you will most likely take damage. Use Charging Bull to get to them quickly, or take cover. If you can't get to cover, Despair Demon's have a hard time hitting you if you have the high ground. 


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Rift Mage Build (DA:I)

This is my "Hold my Beer" Rift Mage build; This guide is based on using the Amulet of Power Exploit, friendly fire off, all of the DLC acquired and having all the Schematics available from the jump. 

Necklace - Master Cooldown Amulet (Jaws of Haakon)

Rings - Superb Ring of Critical Damage x2 (Descent)

Belt - Enhanced Fire/Winter/Storm; The Purple variants are in Trespasser

Helmet - Mask of the Grand Duchess for Humans/Elves; Cretal Vitaar for Qunari (Descent)

Armor - Light Inquisitor Armor w/Highest Utility Slot. Magic/Ranged defense. Sigil of the Deathroot or Great Bear. Masterwork 75 percent aoe explosion on kill, Fade Touched Nevarrite. 

Weapon - Wrath of Lovias Staff. It has the highest crit chance capability, go all in on crit chance. Crit chance and magic for grip and blade. Masterwork get the 10% stats bonus

Potion - Lyrium

Companions - Solas, Focused Willpower build, Barrier/Pull of the Abyss. Tank for taunts and guard damage. 3rd companion, Varric for his Artificer passives, humor and lockpicking. 

8 Abilities

Veilstrike w/Punching Down

Fade Step w/Frost Step

Energy Barrage w/Energy Storm

Static Cage w/Lightning Cage

Winter's Grasp w/Winter's Ruin

Stonefist w/Shatterstone

Fire Mine w/Searing Glyph

Mind Blast w/Fortifying Blast

This build is as basic as it gets. Not a lot of strategy to this and you have fantastic damage output. This builds crit chance is somewhere in the Seventies. Which is highly beneficial for triggering the passive Flashpoint. Upon landing a critical hit, allows the Mage to use the same spell twice without a cooldown. The only real bummer about this build, and mages in general, is that it is worth your while to have a fire, ice, and lighting staff. See what your enemies are vulnerable to, and exploit it by using that particular element staff and enhanced element belt. More item management tinkering than I care for, but that is the deal with a Rift Mage.

No party management needed. You start the fight, you end the fight. The mob is usually toast before your companions get there. This is the combo; Target all the enemies that you can, Veilstrike, Static Cage, Fade Step *it is usually three enemies, try to get all three. after you hit the first enemy, rotate the joystick around to get the others, get close to the enemies.* This should trigger the flashpoint passive. If not, then use basic attacks until you get it, you are on a time limit though, you don't want to waste your static cage. Uncork back to back energy barrages. If this doesn't kill them outright, activate Mind Blast and from here this becomes a freestyle. Winters Grasp+Stonefist, basic attacks, fire mine, whatever you choose.  

This combo is highly effective. It is also a one time deal. Due to the fact with such a high crit chance, it will trigger the flashpoint passive before your static cage cooldown ends. 

If you have the flashpoint passive triggered and Static Cage isn't available, it becomes an improv of your choosing. Another nice combo you can do by yourself is Winter's Grasp x2 + Stonefist. If Solas, Dorian and/or Viv has Winter's grasp, let them activate it on the enemy first, then you activate WGx2 plus SF. If you have some barrier to spare, lay down a fire mine.

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Tempest Build (DA:I)

This is my "Big Game Hunter" Tempest build; This guide is based on using the Amulet of Power Exploit, friendly fire off, all of the DLC acquired and having all the Schematics available from the jump. 

Weapon - Haakon's Bow; Crit Chance/Damage and Attack. Masterwork the permanent 10% Stat Boost

Necklace - Malika's Guard

Rings - Superb Ring of Critical Damage (x2)

Belt - Enhanced Belt of Urgency

Helmet - Battlemage Hood; Dexterity Avvar Twill for material

Armor - Medium Inquisitor Armor, the one w/the most Utility Slots, All Cunning. Sigil of the Great Bear Masterwork Masterwork 30% Damage Boost, 300% incoming damage penalty - Fade Touched Stormheart

Tonic - Mighty Offense 

Companions - 1 Main Warrior Tank, 1 off Warrior Tank with damage boost support and a Willpower focused Solas. Pull of the Abyss/Static Cage/Dispel. 

8 Abilities

Long Shot w/Eagle Eye

Leaping Shot w/Shot from the Shadows

Explosive Shot w/Chain Reaction

Full Draw w/Stunning Shot

Flask of Fire w/Unquenchable Flames

Flask of Lightning w/Thunderstuck

Throwing Blades w/Precision Targeting

Hook and Tackle w/It Beats Walking

This not a long range strategy play style, you will get up close and personal. This play style has some party management, you will need your tanks to taunt and maintain taunting. Get your health below 50 percent so you can have the attack speed bonus.

You start the fight by seeking the highest health enemy. From max distance snipe them with Full Draw and Long Shot. Full Draw is always first. While you activate Full draw, have your tanks taunt the others and have Solas activate Pull of the Abyss. When the mob gets within Explosive Shot range of each other. Activate Flask of Fire, while that is active, use Explosive Shot 3 times. Make sure to have Solas activate Static Cage on the mob before you unleash 3x Explosive Shot. If they live, use your hook to get close and finish the scraps with leaping shot and throwing blades.

The combo you want to use for Elites/bosses/dragons is this. Get in point blank distance, Consume Mighty Offense Tonic, Flask of Lightning, Leaping Shot, Throwing Blades, and whatever else ability you have available to beat the flasks cooldown.

With regards to Throwing Blades. Against shielded enemies, you have to attack them from the flank. They will automatically block every hit from the front.

I wouldn't blame you if you wanted to swap out Hook and Tackle for A Thousand Cuts. I just can't stand the slowed down movement speed in combat.

Pretty basic, very good damage.


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Crazy Idea

If Black Lyrium were EVER to exist, how would it behave and what would it do? Go.

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Solas romance

I liked the romance in the beginning but when he left the Inquisitor without an explanation or anything it...just why? I also watched a vid of the Trespasser DLC. Where does he get the right to leave her just like that?
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I created a female Qunari rogue that alternates between bows and daggers depending on the situation and rest of the squad, any particular skill tree perks I should focus on? I already know Subterfuge would be a little bit important and i have the first 2 dagger perks, the lunge and teleport thingy

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The return of the cult of Aurelian Titus in the new game?

I suppose this is mainly aimed at those who read the comics about Alistair's quest to find King Maric (in particular - Until we sleep) though I welcome all with a theory. I've been thinking there is great potential in the new game for the cultists seeking to reshape the world and elevate the Tevinter Imperium to its former glory through somniari to reappear under the banner of a new leader. Of course we will be in Tevinter and have the potential to meet characters crucial in the storyline (such as Maev) so I feel like this could be a possibility. Though I am not sure if they'd get a prominent position due to us having bigger problems to deal with, such as a homicidal Fen'harel. It would be a shame though if this topic was not further explored. Any thoughts on the matter? Will this cult appear at all in the game and if so in what shape would we see it?
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Templars and Mages

The Lyrium that Templars use is just a solid and tangible form of the magical energy mages have access to naturally. Mages use their power and the strength of their will in order to make their imagination a reality. Templars use the power of Lyrium and the strength of their will in order to do the same thing. The only difference is, mages create a reality where imagination is more powerful than the laws of physics, while Templars create a reality that is the complete opposite. That's why Templars dislike mages so much, down in the depths of their souls, they know, subconsciously, that mages have easy access to the power that Lyrium provides them. Think about it, when a mage is exposed to Lyrium it actually causes them physical pain. If they're exposed to raw Lyrium, the strongest form of Lyrium, they can actually die. That is because the Lyrium overloads their bodies with energy. If a Templar is given the same training as a mage, then a Templar could do magic just like a mage.
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